Why Local Government Units Should Treat Their Tourism Office as a Profit Center

Local Government Units or LGUs should treat their Tourism Office as a profit center because of the positive economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts Travel and Tourism brings to their communities.

Have you visited the websites of towns or cities in the Philippines only to be disappointed to find the:

  1. website does not exist.
  2. website exists but it isn't updated. 

San Lorenzo, Guimaras. Photo by Marian Grace Dalisay.

What gives?

The main reason why these websites are not available or haven't been updated is: these websites were commissioned to third party website developers. This happens, too, when the local government fails to budget for the maintenance of the website.

One of the failures of LGUs is not treating their town's tourist attractions as a business. Or, maybe they do but the people who manage the tourism office lack the entrepreneurial skills to turn their tourism office into a profit center. They shouldn't stop at promotion.

Another failure that is palpable is having a website that's old, doesn't have fresh content, not responsive or cannot be updated. The immediate reason for this is: the people who produce the site's content do not have the necessary skills in website building. Relying too much on and being at the mercy of a 3rd party web developer in managing and updating your site is a definite no-no in marketing the tourist attractions of your town.

Local government officers who are charged with handling tourism programs should go to Camp Enterprise to learn how to develop a website that focuses on your town, city or region's tourism assets. It's time Tourism Officers understand the business aspect of running a tourism program by learning the basics of starting, managing and growing a travel-and-tourism-themed online business. 

Build a tourism site that works

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Building a website is now a must-have skill. At Camp Enterprise, you will do more than just build a website. You will also learn how to properly construct one so that you will:

  1. thoroughly prepare a site that pays back a 1000-fold
  2. pick and organize your topics well
  3. develop effective pages for search engines and humans
  4. build Top 0.5% traffic
  5. monetize your visitors (in 7 to 15 major ways)

Camp Enterprise is based on SBI!

With SBI!'s process and tools and Camp Enterprise's coaching and mentoring, you will have a website with serious revenue potential - every Tourism Officer's most-wanted-response. A serious revenue potential may take several forms:

  1. high traffic, high number of site visitors 
  2. high potential conversion of site visitors to warm, actual, human visitors to the LGU which have impacts on the local economy.  Tourism provides the economic stimulus to allow for diversification of employment and income potential, and develop resources within the community (Tyrrell, T. J., & Johnston, R. J. (2006). "The Economic Impacts of Tourism: A Special Issue". Journal of Travel Research, Wikipedia)

Why treat your Tourism Office as a profit center?

Additional revenue from tourism benefits the local governments

More revenues allows public projects to be launched or developed. When infrastructure improves, new roads are being built, parks are developed and public spaces are given attention. Better facilities bring in more visitors which further benefit the local residents.

The Tourism sector, according to World Trade & Tourism Council, will continue to be strong at an average of 3.9% per year for the next ten years. 

Tourism brings:

  • jobs
  • increased spending in local community
  • development of new sources and forms of income
  • infrastructure
  • social and cultural benefits - Tourism brings a real sense of pride and identity by showing distinct characteristics and facets of life, history and culture, not to mention the tourist attractions of the community
  • increased awareness of environmental stewardship - the LGUs of Negros Oriental, Vigan, Ilocos Sur and Palawan are towering examples of how tourism changed the attitude of locals towards protecting their environments.
  • more opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish new services and products, or facilities.

Isn't it time you treat your Tourism Office as a profit center?

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