Who Should You Go to Camp Enterprise and Why?

Who should go to Camp Enterprise and why? 

Almost anyone can start a business. And the reasons are varied. 

The millenials

The millennials are wandering aimlessly unable to make up their minds what to do with their lives. Perhaps they are the millennials who still haven't found their spirit of entrepreneurship, yet, are enthused and eager to make value, start up and create something useful. Our tools are the stuff they are already accustomed to. Organized into a system or a process, they will find that a desire, an interest or a passion just lurking and waiting to be discovered can be a concept or a niche for a small business. If this sounds like you, we invite you to go camping with us!

The stay-at-home mom and dad, the retirees

The stay-at-home moms and dads and the retirees have plenty of stuff in mind to share with their fellows. And, they have the experience to capitalize on.

Have writing aspirations?

If you have been dreaming of writing a book, publishing a magazine, shooting a video, now's the best time to start. But first, build a site that will become your mini media empire. And the best way to start is by joining Camp Enterprise.

If you've been thinking of going into business...

Or, perhaps, you are already someone who has decided to go into online business but do not know where and how to start. If you are constantly bombarded by advertisements touting that theirs are the best approach to building a professional-looking business website, take a deep breath. At Camp Enterprise, you will realize that it is not, totally! In fact, the website is the easiest to create. 

If you join Camp Enterprise, you will be confident to learn that you will be building an online business right the first time. Using the SBI! process, you will train on how to overcome the critical hard parts so you'd go on to nurture and grow a thriving online business.

Do you have a "be-your-own-boss" dream"?

Have you tried shopping online and wonder if you, too, could set up your own shop? Do you have unique ideas for an internet business and want to know if it will fly?

Our proven process, tools, updating, guidance and support will help you ensure success. The only thing that's needed is you!

Online business coach, mentor

Isn't it interesting? The net is full of ideas and inspiration for those of you who want to go into online business. Instructions and "how-to's" are also freely available.

So what could be missing?

That's right! The human and living coach! Having a coach and mentor is important especially when you don't know much at the early stage of online business building. A coach and mentor will also help you shorten the learning curb. The Camp Enterprise program includes one (1) year mentoring and coaching to help ensure that you succeed in your efforts. This is one unique benefit the boot camp offers. Totally priceless! Is there any business school on web entrepreneurship that provides such kind of "after-care-service" and support program?

Fresh approach to building an online business

Crafts are a rich source of profitable ideas for online business. Join Camp Enterprise to discover your niche. 

Camp Enterprise is a fresh approach to learning how to build a business using the internet.

So, if you would like to: 

  1. Discover the entrepreneurial in you 
  2. Profit from what you know or do, your passion, interests, hobbies, experiences and convert them into an income-generating online business;
  3. Expand market opportunities and increase sales for your existing business;
  4. Transition to entrepreneurship;
  5. Shift to another career;
  6. Retire early from your 9 to 5 job;
  7. Build a second income;
  8. Travel and make it your business;
  9. Turn idle resources such as ancestral house, island, farm, house, etc. into a high earning website;
  10. Create your own dream job; and,
  11. Do what that you really love and make money from it, 

Are you a Tourism Officer of a Local Government Unit in the Philippines?

Treat your Office as a profit center.

You could be a:

  • OFW or in a family of an OFW,
  • Professional – lawyer, engineer, architect, accountant, interior designer, teacher, instructor, trainer, etc.
  • Hobbyist
  • Currently employed
  • Stay-at-home mom and dad
  • Offline entrepreneur/business owner
  • Retiree
  • Student
  • Marketer
  • PR and HR practitioner
  • LGU Tourism or LEIPO Officer
  • Web master
  • Artist
  • Writer, an author
  • Small business owner
  • Real estate broker
  • Micro-entrepreneur
  • Artisan, a worker in skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand
  • Fashion designer, dressmaker
  • Unemployed and job seeker
  • Gamer, animator, indie movie makers, special effects creator
  • Expat
  • Japanese, Korean who would like to apply in a fun and practical way your newly acquired English speaking and writing skills,

we invite you to come, join us. Book your place in Camp Enterprise now!

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