Virtual Office in Iloilo City Saves 90% On Rent Expense

Using a Virtual Office is smart. Not only does it save you as much as 90% on rent but it also takes off the pressure of having to rise early and commute daily to the office.

The view from the Virtual Office is the historic Plaza Libertad, formerly Plaza Alfonso, above, where a statue of Jose Rizal also stands.

Did you know?

The Masonic Temple Association of Iloilo, Inc. which owns the historic Masonic Temple Building along J.M. Basa Street, across the equally historic Plaza Libertad, is supporting the growth of more small business start-ups by converting one of its offices into a Virtual Office and making it available at a highly affordable annual subscription fee. It's Masonic's way of encouraging more people to go into business by allowing them to save on rent, a significant budgetary constraint for start-ups.  

Perhaps the only one operating in Iloilo City, it is targeted especially at solo entrepreneurs and home-based enterprises.

Besides the start-ups, out-of-town businessmen, artisans, traders, freelancers and professionals like CPA's lawyers, architects, consultants, etc., can also benefit from the use of Virtual Office.

Do you have a home-based business? Are you a professional who prefers working at home? Private practitioner? Freelancer? Start-up? Self-employed? Do you live outside of Iloilo City? Do you want to have a city address for your nascent enterprise, on-going business or professional practice but do not wish your home address to be known or you do not want to spend more on monthly rent?

Benefit from having an office address in the city,  specifically in Masonic Temple Building, J.M. Basa Street minus the associated costs of maintaining it. The historic building has converted one of its office spaces into a Virtual Office and is now available for lease.

What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office provides physical address services for a fee without the need to physically occupying it. Today's fast-changing technology have made Virtual Offices a preferential choice especially for those who are just starting and those who prefer working in the comforts of their homes.

For an annual fee of only Php5,500.00, Masonic Temple Building's Virtual Office offers the following conveniences:

1.  Use of the premises as corporate mailing and business address. 

Useful if you need to register your company with the Securities and Exchange Commission and when applying for a business permit. 

The SEC requires a complete office address. You may use your home as office address. However, when you need to secure a license to operate your business, you may not want to unnecessarily subject your home to various inspections resulting to additional costs. Changing information and dealing with government on matters such as this is tedious and may cause unwanted problems.

2. As part of the Virtual Office services, receiving mails, packages and notices is also offered. The name of your company will also be listed in the office directory.

3.  Complimentary receptionist service.

Having an unannounced visitors cannot be avoided. If this happens, your visitors will be  accorded the courtesy and attention they deserve especially when they happen to be valued customers.

Remote working is now mainstream

Thanks to Virtual Offices and internet, many start-ups, (particularly those founded by the millennials), are taking the route of growing their nascent or on-going business from their homes relying on a team of remote workers to save on start-up costs. Using a virtual office cuts and saves on primary expenses such as transportation and power, and secondary expenses such as food, grooming, accessories, business attires, etc.

Smartphones and tablets have added contemporary feel to staff meetings

Because virtual offices have made it possible, staff meetings in hip coffee shops and cool restaurants are a refreshing alternative to stuffy conference rooms. Interestingly, the hospitality industry have caught on the trend of remote working and many of them are attracting corporate clients with exclusive dining packages and privileges. 

Smartphones and tablets are keeping staff meetings running smoothly, too, by doing away with bulky projectors and screens. Sharing information is convenient, quick and easy. It is also true when meeting clients and closing deals. Because Virtual Offices have made it possible to choose from a variety of locations, staff meetings have become inventive and fun and more productive resulting to higher employee morale.

Benefits of Virtual Office

Using Virtual Office is quite popular in the US, Europe, Canada and Australia. It is so easy to see why. Innovative Professional Offices have summed up the benefits, thus:

Work-Life Balance

Using  a virtual office allows for greater work-life balance. Working long hours in the office environment can be a major source of stress for employees. With a virtual office, employees can have a greater work-life balance; they are able to more quickly transition from work back to their family life. Working remotely allows for less of the stress associated with office environments.

Save Office Space

If your company has a physical office space, you need to be mindful of having enough space for staff, work responsibilities, and other considerations. By using a virtual office, you can free up space in your office, avoiding overcrowding and delegating staff more appropriately. Extra space can be used for better purposes or even rented out.

No Need for Relocation

With a virtual office, you never have to worry about scaling up or downsizing, nor do you have to go through the process of moving or relocating. Relocation can be a major impediment for businesses, taking a lot of time and creating huge costs, challenges, and complications. With a virtual office, there is no need to worry about relocation or other associated challenges.

Scale Up the Business

When a business is quickly growing, it can be a challenge to accommodate new staff, relocate to new offices, and invest money in office equipment (furnishings, technology, etc.) With virtual offices, businesses are not set back when scaling up their operations and can actually reallocate their budget towards other areas.

Perhaps the only operating Virtual Office in Iloilo City

Masonic Temple Building's Virtual Office service is perhaps the only operating Virtual Office in Iloilo City. 

Find out more by calling up +63 033 517 3756 or use the following form to receive additional information.

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Masonic Temple Building is a century-old office building in J.M. Basa Street, Iloilo City, Philippines. It is located right across Plaza Libertad (above). Also in the same vicinity are San Jose Church, DBP, GSIS and Iloilo City Hall. Masonic Temple is perhaps the only building in Iloilo that provides virtual office services. Lower photo from Google Arts & Culture.

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