SUMMER CAMP ENTERPRISE: 7 Days That Could Change You 

Summer Camp Enterprise in 7 days? The experience could potentially change you!

So, what will your summer break going to look like? How will you spend it? Are you ready to explore life-changing experiences this year?


Would you like to apply in a fun and practical way your newly acquired English speaking and writing skills?

Come, join us! 

Will it be endless beach-scouring or adrenalin-pumping surfing-the-wave in Siargao?  Parties in Boracay?  Will it be lazy hang-outs with friends? Shop-til-you-drop in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hongkong, Shanghai or Beijing?  Will you be touring the magnificent and exciting cities of Asia, Europe, US or Canada?  Will it be two long months of devotion to side-stepped hobbies and interests for which you didn't have time because of school and career?  Will it be spent lounging with sweethearts at high-end cafe's, bistros  doing whatever mushy-mushy PDA-packed habits the young couples of today seem to be enjoying? 

Will you simply let the days go by? Or spend your break entirely in social sites?

How about spending 7 days in Indie Learning System's SUMMER CAMP ENTERPRISE to learn the basics of building a successful enterprise using the internet?

Summer Camp Enterprise

Today’s environment requires people with entrepreneurial mindset.

Not only is the world increasingly dependent on enterprising people to create economic opportunities, it is also relying on them to solve the world's complex problems.

According to, enterprise, n. is "a project undertaken or to be undertaken, especially one that is important or difficult or that requires boldness or energy as in To keep the peace is a difficult enterprise."

You exist in a completely different world today, yet an exciting world. It is the world controlled by internet. In a few years, you'd be on your own  carving your own niche. It is time to prepare!

Pick up helpful and must-have skills now not later and make it your enterprise through Indie Learning System's SUMMER CAMP ENTERPRISE.

Summer Camp Enterprise offers a unique environment that inspires and motivates people to develop enterprising skills. 

Here's how 7 days in Summer Camp Enterprise could change you

1. It brings out your abilities no matter how homespun and rudimentary or rough-on-the-edges are they. Life is a series of ups and downs. Your ability to face and how to deal with challenges that come offers clues if you will succeed or not. Success aren't always expressed in monetary terms. Entrepreneurs' ability, coming from your raw knowledge and attitude are in full display when you are in Summer Camp Enterprise.

2. More importantly, you are starting a business. What could be more productive than spending time working on a special internet project? 

The Summer Camp Enterprise is a boot camp for entrepreneurs. It's where you learn the basics of building a successful enterprise using the internet. Although the by-product is a professional looking website built correctly, the summer camp is actually a start-up entrepreneurship program. 

Camp Enterprise uses the SBI!'s proven process of building an online business. 

And, building a website correctly is just one step in SBI!'s comprehensive, online-business-building method. 

Correctly means, 

  • from the "beginning" (evaluating, picking and refining your business concept)
  • to the "end" (growing the largest and most stable income possible).

What is so exciting about having a website?

It's the digital age. Every facet of human existence has been changed by internet. 

A website can be a:

  • "shop" or "storefront"  of a business or profession, the "working environment" of career you are envisioning or are training for;
  • repository of your ideas (do you love to write? are you a budding animator?);
  • launch pad of your works (are you an artist? have fascinating hobbies, passion and interests?);
  • can be your own publishing empire, your own radio program, television channel.

3. You will also begin to acquire some of the most important must-have-skills to succeed in today's digital world: website building, writing, public speaking and presentation skills.

First 3 days of Summer Camp Enterprise

4. Within the first 3 days in Summer Camp Enterprise, you will be introduced to the basics of doing business online. You will meet your trainer and fellow campers and you are going to find out that website building is a serious business indeed.  You will also begin to feel the creative power of several heads contributing their ideas to yours. There will also be some anticipation on how it will play with  world's first smart brainstorming and researching tool.

You will also learn that anything you do or say, experience or create are now collectively called content and that millions of individuals, companies - big and small - are earning money from it or are using it to drive business.  This alone is enough to change the way you look at your life.  You will learn the importance of traffic and how terrific content pulls people to your website.  In the offline world, imagine enormous budgets being dropped to push and pitch products in the form of advertising.  

Content is the secret in how unknown shops all over the world succeed in doing business online.  You, too, will learn and use that technique.

You'll explore possible site concepts or themes even if you already know what your website will be about.  You will potentially discover an array of choices with the help of a smart brainstorming and researching tool.  You will do keyword research, analyze the results for demand or supply and narrow down your choices to your number one site concept.  

Choosing your site concept is challenging. Identifying your potential niche or site concept can be both exciting and a bit nervous. Here's the part that might give you surprises.  In fact, you might even uncover niche market for any of your dad's or mom's existing offline business.  Or, you gonna find out there is market for your talents and skills, passions and interests.  

Complete brainstorming and researching will expose and define your site concept.  You are going to plan and construct the blue print of your web business, just as you would in an offline business.  In the offline world, there is going to be lot of discussion and a lot of consultation, and a lot of research.  We expect the same will happen when you are building an online business.  Thanks to the smart and techy tools you are provided, however, a lot of the hard part have been taken cared of.  So, you could devote your energies on what's most important: planning to succeed.

The second phase - 4th to 6th day - of Summer Camp Enterprise

5. The second phase, 4th to 6th day, you are going to investigate a key part of your website - monetization! You won't actually implement any monetization models. You do it after you create the traffic-generating content. The number one mistake most small business people make is starting with the monetization. 

You won't make that same mistake!  That's the power of research and planning.  It puts your business on a solid foundation.

In this part of the process, you'll assess your theme's profitability and ensure that there are a number of monetization models that you will fit before you finalize your site concept and register your domain name.

During this part of the process, you'll do a final evaluation of what your master keyword list is telling you about your potential site concept and refine ideas for a domain name.  Visitors should know right away what your website is all about or from which angle you are presenting a solution and answering a wish.  Once you know the key elements of a good domain name, you will be able to get that message clearly across your visitors and the search engines.  You may already think that you know what makes a perfect domain, but we'll bet you learn something new in this phase.  Within this phase, you will identify your top choice for a domain name.  It will reflect a topic that you know and love and that has an excellent profitability.

Moreover within this phase, too, you will shift from the planning stage to the construction stage of your site-building journey. It is a lot like putting your construction hard-hat on and begin putting block by block your web or online business:  you are now building your business according to your blueprint.

You will learn how to build free organic traffic to your site, instead of spending money on costly advertising.  You will learn how to build high-value keyword-focused content pages that are optimized to meet search engine on-page criteria such as keyword placement and density. 

Shall I say it? In this phase of the Summer Camp Enterprise, you will realize why your investment is well worth the price you paid for.  You will also begin to appreciate the process and the smart tools and discover why 65% of the top 3% websites are sites built using the process taught in this unique boot camp.  And the reasons why they became millionaires!  (though not overnight.  This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.)

The low down on developing relationships online

6. You will also learn how to build relationships with your visitors and to deepen it.  You will learn the techniques employed by successful site owners and you will use them, too. 

7. The 7th day in Summer Camp Enterprise is a proud day of unveiling to the world -- most especially to your family, friends and associates -- your online business: 

It's Graduation Day!!!! 

Some more coaching and mentoring on this day....and, it's also a signal to begin implementing your monetization plans but only when you are absolutely ready definitely. 

We also hope that on this day, you will feel a lot like indeed, business building using the process taught in the boot camp does not know age so long as you have the BAM!  -- Brains (no, not necessarily genius), Attitude and Motivation. You will make your mom and dad, (and whoever matters most to you), proud.  

Only the best after-care support 

Ready to make a change?

Click this to sign up to Indie Learning System's SUMMER CAMP ENTERPRISE

Yes, Camp Enterprise is a marriage of SBI!'s proven process and traditional techniques of building an online business. Ours is a unique learning system. Our commitment does not end on your Graduation Day because you will receive a year's worth of coaching and mentoring to help you nurture and grow your newly-found online business. So, you could say that your 7 days in Summer Camp Enterprise has indeed changed you and that you needn't wait till you graduate to create your own job.

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