Sponsorship Opportunities in Camp Enterprise

Sponsorship opportunities in Camp Enterprise offer real value for your money in terms of marketing effectiveness while being socially responsible.

Send deserving senior high school students, people with hearing impairment and out-of-school youths to Camp Enterprise by donating a Scholarship Fund amounting to Php36,000 only. It will send one person to the boot camp.

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What your sponsorship/donation will do

The amount dedicated to philanthropy is vital because it’s a measure of one’s character and civics.

Today, many among the Filipino rich pursue scholarship programs, school buildings, or one-off grants on the occasion of a calamity or the anniversary of the donor.  All three are welcome but comply with no established criteria nor clear civic purpose.  In truth, palliative in nature and of no marked change.

-- Edgardo J. Angara

  1. We will name the scholarship fund after you, or whoever you wish. You may also suggest a particular name for the fund. If you wish the fund to be in honor or to perpetuate the memory of your deceased mom or dad for example, that is what we will do; 
  2. Each sponsored "camper" will be able to enjoy the privilege of participating in Camp Enterprise courtesy of your Scholarship Fund. Your sponsorship, therefore, creates 1 job opportunity at the very least. It's a life-changing experience beneficiaries will cherish forever;
  3. The Scholarship Fund will have a “pay-it-forward” policy to encourage him to ensure that his online business is not only personally rewarding, that it grows and makes money but also that he passes on the benefits of the Fund to another deserving person. Thus, your Scholarship Fund will create more entrepreneurs in the long run. It is some kind of a guarantee that the privilege continues for years; 
  4. Each online business created as a result of your sponsorship will have a page dedicated solely to acknowledge the Scholarship Fund you have established. If the sponsor is a business entity, the page will be devoted to that entity -- to strengthen its marketing message and to tighten awareness of its brand, (if this is what you wish).

What's in it for you

Doing good has benefits. Not only will you effect positive change in the lives of individuals who will benefit from your benevolence, it also makes good business sense:

  • Reach an international audience creatively and benefit from the world’s largest advertising medium – internet. Check HubSpot's marketing statistics and see how the new media platform is more effective than traditional marketing;
  • Indie Learning System, Inc. is willing to explore creative ways with you to maximize your sponsorship. For example, you can launch a parallel web writing competition to find your deserving scholar to Camp Enterprise. If done through social media, (consider that 60 million Filipinos are in Facebook), you will be able to extend visibility and exposure of your brand or business.  

Individual sponsors

If you are an individual and if your objective is to perpetuate the memory of your deceased loved ones, for example, supporting deserving people to create job opportunities for them by building online businesses that could potentially create more jobs, is also welcome. Each of the website created by your scholar will also dedicate a page to whoever (or cause) the Fund was established.

Yes, dedicating your sponsorship for a cause is also welcome provided it is within the purview of public good.

There are other neat and sassy ways to get the best out of your sponsorship. Talk to us. We are open to discussion. Contact us by using the form below.

Make a difference now

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Teaching them how to fish?

There's a Chinese proverb that says "Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime."

That's exactly what your sponsorship and contribution will do.

Wanna help in your own way? Please go to this page if you wish to donate whatever amount you are willing to share.


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