Sign Language Learning for Filipinos

Sign language learning for Filipinos is an absolutely great idea for an online business. Build it now and you will do a huge favor. You will do a huge and fantastic favor to people who, though not hard of hearing, (and certainly can speak and write) want to learn sign language but have learning issues. People like: 

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1. The note taker

I am rather used to note taking. In the Filipino Sign Language (FSL) class I was enrolled in, this is a useless undertaking. Capturing the lessons in video is the obvious option. But to do so, would pose problems, I believe. For one, it would be like stealing the content produced by the teacher and the rights of the school. I see no problem, however, as long as it is not published on print or online and for as long as filming or taking a video of the class is allowed.

Obviously, if you build an online business offering sign language learning for Filipinos, your courses (that is, your products and services) will be delivered on videos. This solves the problem of note takers.

2. The mnemonics straggler

I compare Filipino Sign Language learning to learning the Chinese language. Your ability to speak, write and understand the Chinese language depends on how large your vocabulary is. In the same manner, you'll have to build a sizable FSL vocabulary to be able to communicate and be understood. That requires memorization! I admire my classmates who learn quickly. Remembering hand signs to a newbie FSL student is a challenge.  

Michelle Jay, founder of StartASL.Com created a highly successful sign language business using SBI!, the same online business building process taught in Camp Enterprise.

Information retention or retrieval or remembering is a pain to many. We are in the age of information. The amount of information that we have to process, retrieve, retain and remember is enormous. We need to have some aids to be able to recall important information to succeed at certain moments or situations. Mnemonics is one such aid. 

People whose ability to remember depends on mnemonics may learn FSL faster if the course is developed and conducted by a speaking instructor on video because he would be able to explain right away why a sign is constructed as such.  The mnemonics straggler would quickly associate it with something he or she is already familiar with. Remembering hand signs then would be less of a struggle.

I suppose that if you are already teaching FSL, you would have already come up with a variety of techniques to assist people building their FSL vocabulary. You would have developed memorizing aids for mnemonics straggler. Clearly, you have an advantage in producing engaging and interesting videos for learners of this type. 

3. The stay at home, on-the-go,  whenever-wherever learner 

Do you know why online courses are now a billion dollar industry? The phenomenon of work-at-home and stay-at-home students or entrepreneurs has certainly fueled the industry to grow at a speed not earlier predicted particularly now at the time of COVID-19 pandemic. 

The net has made some people a little bit lazy waking up in the morning, take a shower, dress up then run to school. For people on the go, and for those who have no time sit in a classroom, an online FSL course is a convenient solution. Give them this option so they can take it up wherever and whenever they want.

Sign language learning for Filipinos is a timely business

The Republic Act 11106, or the FSL Law, declares Filipino Sign Language as the National Sign Language of the Filipino Deaf and the official sign language of government in all transactions. 

I learned from a recent deaf awareness seminar that the number of enrollees in FSL courses have gone up since the law was signed by Pres. Duterte in 2018. This can be interpreted in many ways. What is clear: the interest in learning FSL is varied and the potential to build a successful business on sign language learning for Filipinos is high. This article offers a glimpse of what could be possible.

Develop FSL courses for Udemy. Or, take all the profits by building your own online business around sign language learning for Filipinos. Earn Php 36,000 - 75,000 per month offering FSL courses.

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Written by Marie de la Rama

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