Do you want to maintain your youthfulness?

No one can stop the passing of time. However, if you could retain your youthfulness and keep your health in the best condition, wouldn't you be loving and living life to the fullest? 

Purtier Placenta Live Cell Therapy

More info about Purtier Placenta can be found here.

Take PURTIER PLACENTA, a live cell therapy, containing 10 priceless natural components and a formulation of carefully selected fresh Deer Placenta that is full of nutrients and active living cells. Live Cell Therapy is the only method that has been proven safe and effective for aging process reversal, health restoration, releasing of energy and vitality.

Scientists are of the opinion that the essential functions of the constituents of fresh Deer Placenta are to make the body immune system stronger. A Strong immune system is a prerequisite for longevity as it empowers all cells, organs, and body to retain their finest health state. Deer Placenta is particularly selected as the core active component for Purtier Placenta due to its biocompatibility with our human body.

Get Purtier Placenta only from us

PURTIER PLACENTA - the Rolls-Royce of health supplements. If you believe that health is wealth.

Help Indie Learning System, Inc. raise money for its Online Business Program for the Deaf and Senior High School Students in Public Schools when you get PURTIER PLACENTA direct from us.

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6th Edition
Retail Price: Php20,880/bottle (60 capsules)
6-months Therapy: Php135,000 (7 bottles)

Text or call us at: +63 917 319 0721 and +63 909 910 1791, or contact us: 

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