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My name is Marie de la Rama.  I will be your first Camp Enterprise trainer and instructor. I will be your online business coach. I am one of several, actually.

"I am first and foremost an entrepreneur.  I was into fashion retailing, book distribution, food retailing, restaurant business, marketing and distribution of IT products and services, web business development, website management and web publishing. I also dabbled in travel and tourism once. Some of my enterprises have failed and some have succeeded. They have been a great teacher.

I have had a fulfilling corporate career, too, with Philippine Fuji Xerox Corporation where I honed my selling, marketing and executive management skills.  Prior to supervising more than 20 account executives, many of whom eventually rose to senior and executive management positions within the company and elsewhere, I was often tasked to handle market development for Fuji Xerox newest products.  I enjoyed this aspect of the job because it's as if I was managing my own enterprise.  It set the conditions for me to dream of owning my own business someday.

In 1997, I assumed the job of CEO of an IT company in Makati City, (the major center of business in the Philippines), whose clients include Philippine Long Distance Telephone, Smart Communications, Ayala Land, Mercury Drug, Security Bank to name a few.  This midget of a company was considered ahead of its time.  The task of introducing its exotic software fell squarely on my shoulder. It prepared me further into my present career.

In 2007, I seriously pursued studying enterprise development as a solution to joblessness and as a personal career changer. Ever since I could remember,  I have always advocated entrepreneurship as a tool to creating jobs. Needless to say, I have to train to help people become entrepreneurs.  I was inspired by  CEFE’s learning-by-doing method, considered one of the best method of developing entrepreneurs.  CEFE is a German method of training entrepreneurs. It stands for Competency-based Economy through Formation of Entrepreneurs.

In 2009, I received an authority to teach SBI! in the Philippines.  My training in CEFE, though incomplete,  prepared me in conducting seminars and workshops on starting a business using the internet. I also used it to educate people on how to use the web to expand market opportunities for their micro and small businesses.  SBI! is a proven and tested process of creating an online business. It is considered as having no equal in providing the start-up online businessman the efficiency to succeed. The SBI! course also uses the learning-by-doing method. 

In 2017, I collaborated with a group of individuals (who later formed Indie Learning System, Inc.) in coming up with a program that uses the SBI! process and traditional techniques in building an online business. Thus, Camp Enterprise was born. It is a boot camp for online entrepreneurs. It is also the brand of a unique and innovative program of training, coaching and mentoring online business owners. 

As your Camp Enterprise instructor, I will be bringing with me a wealth of experience working with and having been coached and mentored by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country.  I hope to use all of what I have learned to help you learn what works on the net and of course, to help you succeed.  Together with other resource persons invited by Indie Learning System, Inc., we hope that not only will you be able to build a successful business using the internet, we also hope to help you have a fruitful and profitable bonding time with your classmates - your fellow online entrepreneurs- in the program.  

I look forward to seeing you at Camp Enterprise boot camps."

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Marie built and maintained these sites using the process being taught in Camp Enterprise: Ecommerce Telecom Limited Inc., an Irish-Filipino company, and Tanla Point Limited, a VoIP termination company headquartered in Cork, Ireland. She worked briefly as business development consultant with First Philippine Integrated Wastewater Solutions, Inc.  She manages and creates content for the social media channel Managing Crisis (in Facebook) of MGU Business & Management Consultancy Services Co. and Go Camp Enterprise! of Indie Learning System, Inc. She assisted the owner of Suzu Kin Kitchenette in creating its FB page Suzu Kin. 

Marie is currently writing a book based on the true story of two brothers who were lost at sea between Japan and Korea in 1985. She travels in and around Asia to collect facts, materials, anything(!) for the book. Click the image below to go to her Facebook page for more information on her latest wanderings. Don't forget to LIKE!

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