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Online business services, all designed to help micro, small and medium enterprises expand market opportunities for their business, are being offered by Indie Learning System, Inc., too.

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Online business services #1: Website Building Services

Package Price starts at Php 75,000.00


Want a WordPress site?

For a WordPress website, we also use SBI! as a plugin for the WordPress platform to take advantage of SBI!'s  business-building guidance, process and support. Hosting is by a third party. Our recommended choice is Bluehost

Package starts at Php 65,000.00

Do you know that only 10% of micro, small and medium enterprises, which 
constitute 98% of all registered businesses in the Philippines
have an online presence?

Does your business belong to the remaining 90%? 

Let us help you establish a strong web presence for your business:

We build a website for you or you build your website yourself through Camp Enterprise. Either way, we guarantee that you will be way ahead of your competitors.

Using SiteSell's method of establishing a strong web presence and reputation right from the start, we will build an easy-to-find, top ranking site for your business.

Check out how this particular online business service focuses on building your business.


  • Do thorough keyword research on the website business and/or proposed theme
  • Develop a website keyword report for traffic optimization
  • Create your site's custom "Look & Feel" to match your business
  • Use your own photos or help in obtaining appropriate "stock" images
  • Will construct keyword-focused content pages (up to 50 pages within one year whichever comes first) from your own content; Please note that that we charge extra when production of these content pages require resources, extraordinary expenses (ex. hotel, transportation, etc.) and other services such as photography, video production, etc. 
  • Will orient you of your site's features


  • do more (much more)...

Our online business services rest on SBI!'s fundamental component that "allows your site to function well beyond the capabilities of most hosting companies." - Sitesell, Inc.

  • Dedicated Web hosting (no upgrades needed ever)
  • Domain name registration 
  • Fast, reliable hosting
  • Safe Website backups
  • Powerful research tools for finding potential keywords for your site
  • Page by page Search Engine optimization
  • E-mail list builder and E-zine publishing tool
  • Highly sophisticated Search Engine submissions to Google
  • Advanced tracking and monthly performance reports
  • Ongoing access to Website improvement packages (beat your competition)

Note: Other business-building services not listed will be charged separately. Please contact us.

Monthly site maintenance is FREE of charge for the first year. Annual renewal of hosting services is only US$300.00

To quote SiteSell, Inc., "We charge significantly less because we have distilled it down to a time-efficient process for everyone."

Please Contact us for free consultation.

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