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Online Business Program for the Deaf is one of Indie Learning System, Inc.'s social enterprise agenda. The others are Online Business Program for Senior High School Students and Out-of-School Youths and PWDs or Persons with Disability.

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In 2015, Camp Enterprise was a fledgling company trying to raise money for an enterprise development program for people with hearing impairment. It successfully launched a seminar/workshop to orient the participants on how to start a business using the internet.

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In 2017, Indie Learning System, Inc. took the learning program and re-calibrated it into a boot camp for online entrepreneurs. The company also decided to adapt the name Camp Enterprise as the brand of the boot camp and pledged to continue what the old Camp Enterprise (the company) had started.  The company also promised to continue to honor and acknowledge the sponsors who supported the initial push  for the Enterprise Development Program for the Deaf. 

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Help us make this project work by making a donation. Click the button below. You will be taken to PayPal's check out page where you will be given an option to donate with your credit card or bank account.

Support ILSI's online business program for the deaf, the poor but deserving senior high school students and out-of-school youths and PWDs. 

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Corporate sponsorship is also available. Please contact us for more information.

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Paschal Bergin
Lourdes Tuason de Arroyo Foundation


  • Lucy Penaso
  • Millette Shahwan
  • Perry Callanta
  • Gildo Delfin
  • Romy Bautista
  • Bini Cabañas Lipayon
  • Atty. Carmelo Mendoza
  • Angela Willes
  • TGSI (Tsukiden Global Solutions, Inc.) - NTYT DSL and Michiko Fujita
  • Helen So Chan
  • Rose Orlina

Sponsors of ILSI's first Seminar-Workshop:

  • Bobby Monasterio
  • Norma Gonzales Vestey
  • Georgia Vargas
  • Honorio Poblador
  • Rhett de Jesus
  • Francisco Sumagaysay
  • Dr. Graciano Lopez Jaena Foundation, Inc.
  • Cynthia Concepcion Baga

Special thanks:  Nancy Marie Gallebo-Yi

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