Online Business for People with Disability

Online business for people with disability or PWDs. Will it work for them? The answer could be found in the method and process of building an online business - your income generating website -  that is being taught in Camp Enterprise.

The World Health Organization estimates that over "5% of the world’s population – 360 million people – has disabling hearing loss (328 million adults and 32 million children).”

Deaf Friendly Tourism hasn't been explored by Local Governments in the Philippines.  This kind of tourism creates job opportunities for the marginalized - like people who are hearing-impaired. A deaf with a job will no longer be a burden to his family and the state. 
Deaf Friendly Tourism may also develop a new industry that will put the LGUs one more notch higher with future Meetings-Incentives-Conferencing-Exhibition (MICE). It will also create an environment that encourages the hearing-impaired  to develop their own tourism-themed online business. 

Content first!

Indie Learning System, Inc.'s flagship program, Camp Enterprise, promotes what has been proven to be effective in pursuing online success: Build an audience with content first, then generate revenue (and profits) from content. 

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Content is what drives traffic to your site. Content that educates and informs, content that entertains, content that solves problems. Most successful online enterprises are content-run. PWDs are in a better position to succeed by pursuing this path first, rather than putting emphasis on Money before developing relationships with potential customers.

Here's why going into online business for People with Disability will work for them:

1. Online business allows PWDs the power to create their own dream jobs.

Every one has some kind of passion and interest that keeps him going. It is true also with PWDs.

There's an interesting question in  "What is the difference between passion and interest?"

The best answer given was: 

"Interest is something which is ephemeral and transitory, while passion is something which keeps you on your toes. You are ready to let go anything for your passion. “Anything” here refers to friends, family, parties, alcohol, sex,girlfriend, gffs,bffs etc; anything which deviates you from attaining your goals.

Passion keeps your dopamine and adrenaline rushing through you spasmodically and consistently.

While you can have several areas of interest at a time but Passion is one. It makes you a monomaniac."

Pursuing an online business allows PWDs to "exploit" what interests them or what makes them passionate about, an opportunity that is hardly available in job markets. If you are a hearing-impaired who loves creating graphics for example, your chances of getting hired gets higher when you build a website that displays your passion and interest in graphics. The same is true for PWDs whose interest and passion may lie in fine and practical arts, or perhaps in their hobbies, training, livelihood and experience.

Most job placements for PWDs either put them in the kitchen or back office or in such work conditions where their talents and abilities aren't showcased. That's too bad, isn't it? If you are a PWD and you think you are made for a different purpose, becoming an online entrepreneur might just work for you. 

2. Online business for people with disability offers real benefits than it used to be.

We heard stories about abuses made against PWDs. Or the sadness of seeing them depressed, anxious, unhappy. Then, we feel humanity is restored when we hear about opportunities being given to them through livelihood training, financing their micro business, giving them shelter and care, etc. In most cases though, something that's akin to well-being is left out. 

We are talking here about achieving something beyond having a job. Owning an online business offers real benefits that were hardly achievable before for PWDs. It takes them to a higher level of reaching a goal. They could:

  • make and earn potentially good and more money than a regular job at some kitchen, back office or factory;
  • learn how to write better, become an expert content creator (not to mention, content marketer) and web master. As a consequence, they create another opportunity to make more money;
  • become adept at research. Researchers earn some of the best income in "content-creation" industry. And, it might well be another source of income for them;
  • get to live like an entrepreneur in the real sense of the word, an innovator. You see, when you run a content site, there's an array of possibilities to develop your own product or service from which you derive an income. The real satisfaction is seeing the fruition of your innovative spirit. It can be anything such as what these entrepreneurs are enjoying;
  • do what they always want to do;
  • live life at their own terms;
  • enjoy and be happy! 

3. They can work at home and do business anywhere 

Indie Learning System, Inc. opens a whole new possibilities for people with disability through Camp Enterprise. Sign up now!

Google is blind when it comes to disabilities. The net doesn't care if you are physically handicapped or hearing-impaired. And it doesn't matter where you are. The net is not only an equal opportunity employer it is also the biggest market for your product or service. It thus allow you to work at home or do business anywhere. Isn't that one great encouragement to go into an online business? Yes, you can enjoy the freedom that business offers while maintaining a specific lifestyle, disabled or not, by owning your own online business.

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