Online Business Opportunities: Iloilo

Online business opportunities in Iloilo are aplenty if you are passionately interested in its people, history, culture, tourism and economy. 

Iloilo's iconic La Paz Batchoy, is a timeless reminder of the importance of the province to national psyche. If you are passionate about Iloilo, you will be delighted to know that there is a mine of online business niche -- served a la La Paz Batchoy --  for you to build on. Photo by Marie de la Rama

Let's dig deeper, but first, let's step back a few paces and be reminded of what works in building an online business:

What is an online business?

An online business is any kind of business activity that happens over the internet. It can be:

  1. a website
  2. a shop, or
  3. a blog.

What is Camp Enterprise' approach to building an online business?

Camp Enterprise' unique approach to building an online business is:

Build an audience first with content!



something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts.

Camp Enterprise helps you build a successful online business on the back of content - ex. text, images, video, graphics, art, cartoons... - which you will be able to confidently use in building an audience first ... 

Content marketing is an inbred and natural progression of the process used in building a successful business using the internet the Camp Enterprise way.

Taral Patel explains it well:

"Many startups commit this mistake. They think it is okay to build the business first and then bother about their audience. But in reality, it is advantageous to have your audience ready before starting your business and not after starting it."

According to Patel, the major advantages of this approach are:

  1. It helps in extensive market research – you can learn directly from your target audience
  2. Early adopters can provide you better feedback, which allows you to build a better product
  3. It helps you find new opportunities
  4. It assists you in brand building; besides, you will have your valuable media asset ready which will help you become an authority in your domain in the coming days.

So how to build an audience-first model? In most cases, Patel says, it begins with content marketing.

More than eleven years ago, this concept was introduced by the founder of SBI!, Dr. Ken Evoy, in a book Make Your Content Pre-Sell.

Dr. Evoy incessantly admonishes that:

"Building an audience first is nothing but building relationships...

and pre-selling is the online version of relationship building." 

That "PREselling warms up and builds trust and respect" has been proven to be true by the number of successful online business owners his company, SiteSell, Inc., has helped developed over the years. 

How do you PREsell?

By creating and providing content = information that people will search for.

Success on the Web requires a critical mindset shift. 

Offline, the strategy is "location, location, location" 

Online, it is "information, information, information."

"In the online world, no one walks by, sees your business, and enters your website. Surfers on the Web are not looking for you or your business.

They search for credible, high-value information or solutions, anything that can fulfill a wish they hold dearly or solve a troublesome problem they have. If they knew your site existed, they would not be searching the Web. They would already be your visitors, and then your customers.

Online, you must generate your own targeted traffic to thrive and be profitable.

Therefore, your primary task, well before you make your first sale or make a recommendation to your visitors, is to provide the information (i.e., content)  that they are searching for. In other words...

Give them what they want.

Do that and visitors to your website will start to like, trust and respect you as a knowledgeable expert."

-- SBI Action Guide

How do you ensure that you will be able to give visitors what they want? 

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind"

-- Rudyard Kipling (1865 -1936)

The answer to that, is by building a content-rich and focused website. Which is why, it is critical that your site dwells only on a niche that you are passionate about. That niche is the result of developing a highly in demand site concept which springs from anything you are passionately interested in.

Didn't we say, "Mine your knowledge, passion and interest for business ideas?"

Now, on to the topic of online business opportunities: Iloilo

Concept - a general notion or idea; an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars.

Opportunity - a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success.

Niche - a distinct segment of a market; a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing: to find one's niche in the business world.


The Ilonggos

Tip: Narrow your search for an online business opportunity out of Iloilo, refine your potential site concept, find your niche, develop your own products and services and succeed by joining Camp Enterprise now

What potential site concept can be developed out of your interest in the people of Iloilo or in the Ilonggos? What is it that you love about being an Ilongga?

What skills do you have that could be of use to develop a content site on the people-of-Iloilo theme?

What stock knowledge, training, experience do you have to explore these:

1. Opportunities - books, television and movie scripts, internet radio program, events, advertising, joint ventures, animation, fashion and accessories retailing, tours

2. Potential Niches - great Ilonggo men and women, Ilonggo trail blazers, great Ilonggo businessmen, famous Ilonggo entrepreneurs, rise and fall of some Ilonggo men and women, great men and women of Ilonggo descent, prominent Ilonggo men and women, great families of Iloilo, Ilonggos who contributed to development of the Philippines, Ilonggos in music, arts, politics, science, entertainment, Ilonggos abroad, Ilonggo inventors, historians, writers, untold stories written about.

Other great topics to explore: Chinese Ilonggos and the descendants of Europeans who lived in Iloilo in the 19th century. 

If your interest lies in Iloilo's history, culture, tourism and economy, keep asking: what potential online business opportunities are there out of .........

When you join Camp Enterprise, you get all the tools you need to find answers to succeed

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Online business opportunities in Iloilo's rich culture and history

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One of the most interesting provinces in the Philippines, Iloilo's rich culture and history presents a wealth of inspiration for content for a successful site. And, similarly, opportunities in Ilonggo-people-themed sites are also available for sites built on culture and history of Iloilo. However, the niches are exciting. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Discover more when you join Camp Enterprise. 

Potential site concept for an online business: Iloilo's Calle Real

I recently came across an article, Iloilo’s Calle Réal shows Escolta how it’s done, which made me terribly jealous for I have wished to have been the one to author it. 

Imagine if you are an architect, or simply passionate about such gems as the Art Deco style of the buildings in Iloilo's Calle Real. Imagine further if you are writing a first person narrative of what it was like living in such glorious and historic buildings circa 1925:

"One of their favorite reminiscences is how small brown birds with long beaks would bring semiprecious stones called diamante negra - over a hundred such stones - to a potted pine tree up on the roof!"

"Their father collected the stones, and they are still in the family vault today. When the ICHFI approached her in 2011 to have the old building fixed (the Santos family had long moved out by then), Elnora and her children readily agreed, since it represents some of the happiest years of their family life"  

Income opportunities:  

1. Books - once you have built a following, you can write a book, or team up with someone who can. 

Read: How a Mummy Helped This Egyptology Fan Become a Published Author

2. Television and movie scripts - you may attract television or movie producers looking for exceptionally interesting stories.

Perhaps, you aren't a scriptwriter, but you could be a resource person or you could team up with a talented up-and-coming animation artist who could produce webtoons serialized in your site. 

How do you make money? Monetizing traffic to your site is discussed extensively in Camp Enterprise. Throughout the year of coaching and mentoring, a good part of the time is devoted to helping you develop your own products and services, one of the most effective monetization models of an online business.

3.  Internet radio program, events, advertising, tours - obviously, if you could cut a deal with local book authors, scriptwriters and animators, you are now on the same league as savvy businessmen who go into joint ventures. You have an unlimited option.

We don't want to make it sound so easy because certainly,  it takes some hard work and time! The most important step, however, is to start your online business. Camp Enterprise is here to help you make that all important step.

4.  Fashion, accessories, products retailing - having a shop in your site is one of the most exciting monetization opportunities available for you to explore.

One of the most outstanding benefit you could earn from Camp Enterprise is getting help -- the result of the dynamics of being in a group --  in developing your own products and services. Benefit from being coached, critiqued (get immediate feedback!) and supported by your peers, the same guys who went through similar path in building an online business.

5. Services - marketing your services is easily the quickest method to monetize traffic to your site, when you have already grown a sizable audience. A lot of websites of professionals like architects, lawyers are meant to market their work and find customers. You, too, can do that.

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The Chinese are very much a part of every day life in Iloilo. Their influence is every where and can be particularly felt in business.

The Ilonggos enthusiastically observe the Chinese New Year, the mood of which somewhat  extends the euphoria of the Dinagyang Festival.

One of my pet site concept is the world renown Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo. A Dinagyang-themed site concept has all inspiring elements I would need to create unlimited exciting content: history, religious fervor, evolution of the festival, effect on Iloilo, art, business, economy, impact on every facet of Ilonggo life, the people behind the success of the festival...and, most notably, the tribes. My niche, well, it's probably something I would like to keep to myself for the moment....For sure, the niche I will chose is going to be very personal and very close to my heart.

Why online business?

For Ilonggos, these are some of the reasons why we push for it:

1. The market of Iloilo is small (thanks to Iloilo's population and geographic location) that unless you expand beyond the province or overseas, the probability of your revenue remaining the same is a foregone conclusion. This can be conveniently overcome using internet. 

Expand market opportunities for your business with a website.  An online business knows no boundaries. The world is your market.

2. Content=information is currency. A website, or for this matter, a content-driven online business is a viable business strategy for a solo entrepreneur, a start-up or micro and small business owners. The capital to start is also small. And the requirements are simple: Brains, Attitude and Motivation. And, online business has already been proven to work.

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Online business opportunities in Iloilo's budding economy and tourism

Do you know?

2017 tourist arrivals in the province of Iloilo increased by 23.21% or 310,878 compared to 252,323 in 2016. 

Source: Iloilo Provincial Tourism Office

Take a cue from organizations that are seeing interest in Iloilo's economy. Are you an economist? An avid and keen business watcher or an analyst? Are you a student of business-related disciplines? Are you a frustrated newspaper columnist that would love to write about Iloilo's business?

What potential site concepts would you develop on the back of Iloilo's economy? What topics would you like to write about? What potential niche would you choose?

Do you know?

The Provincial government of Iloilo is planning to establish a body that will manage the tourism industry in northern Iloilo.

Gov. Arthur Defensor Sr. said that the plan aims to prepare the entire northern Iloilo, especially the towns of Concepcion and Carles to become "real tourist destinations".

The proposed tourism authority will lay down and execute the plans on how to develop the tourism destinations there. 

Source: Iloilo Provincial Tourism Office

Iloilo as a destination presents opportunities to anyone who love to travel and make it a business. If you are that person, you have endless niche topics to choose from for an online business. 

A big chunk of Iloilo's tourism potential is largely undiscovered nor developed and if you are keen on developing an online business idea on it, you have enough room to grow. 

Launch your own online iloilo tourism business now.

Next step

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