Online Business Idea: Tourism in Singapore 

Online business idea inspired by tourism in Singapore? Only if you truly love this tiny but highly prosperous Southeast Asian state.

Morning is just breaking in Singapore's Chinatown. Photo by Marie de la Rama 

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Tourism in Singapore is going up

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The Cebu Pacific flight I took is half full. The reason I guess is, it's a red eye flight. However, as soon as I landed at the Changi Airport three hours later, a school of boisterous kids, who I presumed came all the way from Taipei and mainland China, had joined me and perhaps over a hundred other nationalities, (thousands more is my guess) at the immigration desks. 

The experience in Changi Airport alone is worth talking about. The world's most admired airport is oozing with efficiency. Everything is presented for the comfort and convenience of visitors. Singapore's tourism authority really knows how to welcome and please foreign guests. I think this alone is worth a lengthy web page. 

Of course, you need not take my word... Singapore's tourist arrivals are up and the country is stepping up luring more visitors to this tiny state. 

Tourism in Singapore could be a profitable online business idea

If you judge the potential of the online business you want to start inspired by tourism in Singapore, I would say it is going to be profitable. Here's why I believe it is so:

Content first!

Most successful online businesses are content-run.

Build an audience with content first, then generate revenue (and profits) from content.

Concept - a general notion or idea; an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars.

Opportunity - a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success.

Niche - a distinct segment of a market; a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing: to find one's niche in the business world.


1. There's always something new. From infra to calculated fun and entertainment (the Universal Studios comes to mind), Singapore's authority never sleeps in planning the next attraction. If your website's goal is to give your audience tips to plan their trips, then it would be most visited if you keep it continually updated with the latest. Plus, since you are enamored with Singapore, it would certainly be fun, too, to be on your toes all the time about what's new. That is to say, you will not run out of stories to tell because there is always something new to write about. We have to emphasize this point because in online business, content is king! The stories you tell in whatever form - photos, videos, text - will draw your audience to you organically. It is much more easier to wrap a story around a subject that is already interesting from the get-go. 

2. As more choices are added on the plate, visitors need more informed guide to plan their trips. Singapore continues to open up and by doing so, a variety of things to explore also keeps adding up. 

The Mummy returns in Universal Studios Singapore.
Photo by Marie de la Rama.

3. Singapore's culture and history is quite interesting, too. As I feel it, Singaporeans are eager to hear outsiders' point of view as it writes a new chapter since the passing of its founding father, the visionary Lee Kuan Yew. Not that they can be swayed to change what they have already set out for themselves. Nevertheless, you will have an open Singapore-inspired online business niches to look into.

The quintessential Chinatown in Singapore.
Photo by Marie de la Rama.

Tourism in Singapore takes a variety of lure

Take a cue from Singapore's Tourism Board. The tiny state leaves no stone un-turned in promoting or developing art, fashion, entertainment, trade and commerce, research and development in science, everything to attract tourists. Whatever your passion is, there's always a Singaporean story to tell.

So, if you can connect your passion and interest around tourism in Singapore, you will be in for a variety of experience: live to tell about it (and make money in the process.)

Tourists flock to Singapore's Bayfront for photo-ops like this one. The Marina Bay Sands is now a must-background. You haven't been to Singapore if you haven't to Marina Sands. Photo by Marie de la Rama.

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