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Online Business Services

Online business services, all designed to help micro, small and medium enterprises expand market opportunities for their business, are being offered by Indie Learning System, Inc., too.

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The New Normal

Mask.. Image by cromaconceptovisual from PixabayImage by cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay

When the Philippine government imposed a community quarantine commencing March 15 to April 14 for the entire National Capital Region, I knew life will no longer be the same.

There's now the new normal!

The deadly and brutal havoc of Covid-19 has fundamentally changed everything. Choosing to work at home is the new normal. As people are asked to stay at home, online business is suddenly uppermost in the minds of entrepreneurs. And those who are just starting are beginning to look at online business as the new normal way of starting a business.

The impact of Covid-19 pandemic has slowed the world's economy but it has also spawned new ideas. Rethinking is also the new order of things.

What is the new normal to you?

Marie de la Rama
Manila, April 29, 2020

Sign Language Learning for Filipinos

Sign language learning for Filipinos is an absolutely great idea for online business. Build it now and you will do a huge favor.

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Online Business Program for the Deaf

Online Business Program for the Deaf is Indie Learning System, Inc.'s social enterprise agenda.

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Build Your Own Lifestyle Online Business in Camp Enterprise

Build your own lifestyle online business in Camp Enterprise. A lifestyle business is a type of business that creates a balance between work and living.

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Improve and Sharpen Your English Communication Skills

Improve and sharpen your English communication skills by building a successful business using-internet through Indie Learning System's Camp Enterprise.

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Don't Let Facebook Have All the Fun

A Store Window DisplayImage by Deborah Jackson from Pixabay

Guess how many active users does Facebook have? 2.45 billion! The number of users from the Philippines is 68 million. So what's in it for you?

At least every day, I spend something like 30 minutes to an hour checking my feeds. Facebook has replaced some habits - scanning the papers for interesting stories. Human interest?

Food, politics, high octane opinion, unabashed self-promotion. Have we not done any of these at one time or another? I am guilty. It is turning into a habit, particularly because my work with Indie Learning System, Inc. now requires me to browse social media networks, mostly, Facebook.

We have enriched Facebook of our personal stories. Do you know that you can draw inspiration from your personal story and develop it into a profitable lifestyle online business? Why let Facebook have all the fun. Start your own lifestyle online business.

Plan to build your own lifestyle online business if you love tending to your social media accounts like Facebook. Do it right the first time through Camp Enterprise. Get a solid foundation in online business building first then serve information, advice, entertainment to your friends and potential customers through your site. There must be some money in your existence which is why Facebook invests massively in bringing you in. Don't let Facebook rake it all. Let Facebook work for you instead. How? Sign up to join Camp Enterprise this March.

Marie de la Rama
Manila, January 9, 2020

What's SocMed Got to Do with Promoting an Entrepreneurial Mindset Throughout Your Organization?

Food for CEOs

This blog entry is food for the CEOs of SMEs.

In the early days of Facebook, debate within the corporate walls was ripe about allowing employees to spend man-hours in the popular social media network. As a rule, it was prohibited. In practice, corporate hierarchies simply turned a blind eye. Then, Facebook came up with a brilliant idea of ending the agony of management by introducing Workplace, a Facebook work collaboration tool. Workplace connects everyone in the organization using tools they already use. It "empowers and transforms your whole business, with familiar features like groups, chat and video calls" in Facebook.

Now it seems, spending time in social media networks is no longer accursed as most businesses have embraced the power of social networks for the efficiencies and positive benefits it offers to their bottom lines. We see CEOs spending some precious downtime in their social media network of choice for various reasons besides making connections.

Since then, too, significant changes have been introduced in the "work" that we know. Work has been transformed by internet into a US$300 billion business process outsourcing industry aided by hundreds of thousands of workers/agents who are scattered worldwide doing a variety of jobs within the confines of their homes.

But what's SocMed got to do with promoting an entrepreneurial mindset throughout your organization?

Let me place a context first by taking you to this article on encouraging entrepreneurship among your employees. The solution is old school but the concept is an innovation in the internet of things.

Marie de la Rama
Manila, January 3, 2020

Are You Looking Forward to 2020?

2020 as a number holds an intriguing promise. We are entering a new decade.

New year, new decade. What does 2020 promise? Are you looking forward to it?

Personally, I do. I am not the type to have a new year's resolution because I cannot make myself keep it. I do not know what the new year holds. There are certain things I want done. And that is the only reason why I am looking forward to 2020 to finally come because the period between now and the coming year is what's holding me back.

I wish you all a victorious and prosperous New Year!

Marie de la Rama
Manila, December 29, 2019

2 Reasons Why I Enjoy Teaching BSBUI in Camp Enterprise

Typical Scene of Coaching a Camp Enterprise student at home... Image by Pixabay

December 25 is just around the corner. I am writing this piece while anticipating the most awaited time of the year, Christmas, and while coaching a would-be online entrepreneur doing the work on her Master Keyword List. The MKL contains all the keywords brought back by every Brainstormer query. The Brainstormer is where you generate and research hundreds of keywords. A keyword is an informative word used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document (dictionary.com). So, there (smile!).

Going through this task of researching for keywords related to the theme or concept of your online business is one of the reasons why I enjoyed teaching Building a Successful Business Using the Internet in Camp Enterprise.

The process opens so many exciting possibilities to find your niche. The wonder of ideas presented by keywords generated are simply exciting. And the joy of assisting would-be online entrepreneurs to sift through the list makes me feel I have been useful as he/she begins the journey to becoming an online entrepreneur.

The other reason why I enjoyed teaching BSBUI in Camp Enterprise has something to do with the sense of fulfillment of having a hand (though a tiny contribution) in helping online businesses bloom in the Philippines. In addition, there is also the anticipation of finally seeing these will be successful online businesses.

If you want to fully understand what I am writing about here, I invite you to join the next Camp Enterprise. If you belong to any of these demographics, I would love to have you at the boot camp.

Marie de la Rama
Manila, December 22, 2019

What My Students Taught Me

I knew it was going to be a challenge to teach online business beginners who are hearing-impaired mainly because I do not know Filipino Sign Language save the basic signs of the alphabet. When we began the first Camp Enterprise for them, the challenge made me revisit what I have mentally set for myself as soon as I finished college: no more studying!

Throughout my working years, that mantra permeates the back of my head, which I thought explains why I can't keep myself alert when I am sitting in a class listening to a lecture, for example. That explains, may be, why I long held up learning FSL even though it is imperative.

The boot camp is going fine despite my inadequacy. My students have gone on to register the domain names of their online businesses: hannahsaur.com and designandprintbychristine.com. Two more will be registering their online businesses soon, too!

And what have they taught me?

One, that happiness is indeed something you can make. Seeing their faces written with excitement notwithstanding the trepidation (building an online business is big deal for them!) in producing content that their target audience will love, is simply happiness. It made me so excited as well such that I promised to seriously learn how to sign. The thought makes me so happy.

Two, that it will happen if you keep believing in yourself.

It took quite almost a decade dreaming of teaching people with hearing impairment. In between, I questioned why do I keep persisting. The times are many when I doubted the possibility. Even more mentally debilitating is, I doubted the usefulness of Camp Enterprise. So now the annoying self-doubt is gone.

Yes, these little learnings are priceless! I have to thank the people who made it possible. And, there are just so many of them.

Marie de la Rama
Manila, December 15, 2019

Indie Learning System launches first Camp Enterprise for the Deaf

Indie Learning System, Inc. in partnership with DSWD's National Vocational Rehabilitation Center launches its specialized online training just for the deaf.

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Indie Learning System, Inc. Signs MOA with DSWD-NVRC

Indie Learning System, Inc. signs MOA with DSWD-NVRC to offer Camp Enterprise for PWDS

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Online Business for People with Disability

Online business for people with disability. Will it work for them? The answer could be found in the method and process of building an online business.

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There's just so much content to discover your niche

Today, July 22, 2019, the President of the Republic of the Philippines is going to deliver his 4th State of the Nation Address or SONA.

President Duterte's administration is perhaps the most exciting time in Philippine history. Firstly, he is the only President in history, halfway in his term, to have garnered an 85% trust rating in a survey taken during such tumultuous times when his fiercest critics are dishing not constructive criticisms but criticisms meant to destabilize his government and ultimately bring him down. Only 3% do not trust him and the remaining are undecided.

Nevertheless, the present administration sits at a time of much hope for change. There has been a lot of changes indeed and as with any change, there's just so much content, too, to discover your niche.

It's an exciting time for those who are thinking of setting up a lifestyle online business. The market is open and wide.

Check out our Camp Enterprise. Leverage what you know or do, your passion and interests in building a successful business using the internet now.


Online Business Seminar and Worksop

Online business seminars and workshops developed by Indie Learning Systems, Inc. have created fresh opportunities that significantly impact business.

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Melanie Roberto Malaca, 59

Indie Learning System, Inc. mourns the passing of one of its directors, Melanie Roberto Malaca. We extend our sincerest condolences to her family.

Melanie was also ILSI's Treasurer and was one of the movers in the creation of Camp Enterprise.

May you rest in peace Melanie!

From your family in ILSI who together compose the Team ILSI:

Neneng, Tingting, Bernadette, and Sherman T

Thank you registrants!

We wish to thank the three interesting guys who signed up for the Camp Enterprise that's scheduled today, June 18 to July 18, 2019.

However, this is below the number that would make the boot camp financially viable to conduct in Makati City. So, upon the urging of the two ladies and a gentleman, since they themselves weren't prepared for this schedule, we agreed to run the Camp in July and we will conduct it in a private residence.

So, stay tuned.


Who Should Go to Camp Enterprise and Why

Who should go to Camp Enterprise and why? Almost anyone can start an online business and the reasons are varied.

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Are you a stay-at-home-mom or dad?

Terrific Mom

Do you want stay productive by turning your spare time building and nurturing an online business?

ILSI invites you to turn your spare time building and nurturing a small business online for several reasons besides earning money from it.

Now is a good time to turn your ideas into a viable online business. Feel good watching your burning desire come to life together with like-minded stay-at-home-moms (and dads) in a fun-filled boot camp for online entrepreneurs.

Enroll now!



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