The Online Business Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs: Camp Enterprise 

The online business boot camp for entrepreneurs, Camp Enterprise is Indie Learning System's solution to absence and/or lack of specialized education programs on online entrepreneurship.

What is it?

Camp Enterprise is an innovative learning environment to build a successful online business. The boot camp for entrepreneurs was designed to attract people who are interested in starting an internet business but are scared of the technologies required to make it work.

The Boot Camp with a Difference

Camp Enterprise' unique approach to building an online business is:

Build an audience first with content!

Our process helps you build a successful online business on the back of content - text, images, videowith an unmatched after-care support, so that you can achieve your goal with confidence.

Why Camp Enterprise?

Because sometimes bright ideas need an outside perspective.

- Ozy

Would-be web business owners will find the boot camp fun and immersive with exciting activities such as brainstorming for ideas while making a quick trek to the mountains of Leon, the summer capital of Iloilo, or escaping to Chinatown to sample exotic finds, for example.

Camp Enterprise offers SBI!'s integrated approach where you:

  • receive step-by-step training in written, video or audio format
  • follow the proven Content - Traffic - PREsell - Monetize process
  • have access to all the necessary tools in one single place
  • are part of a helpful community of like-minded solopreneurs, and
  • get free unlimited first-class technical support.  

That's on top of one year coaching and mentoring after completing the program.

While it is true that the tech part may raise some scary thoughts for non-techies, Indie Learning System assures everyone that the "hard part" can be overcome. 

How? The program is delivered in a learning-by-doing method and is based on a tested and proven course "Building a Successful Business Using the Internet" developed by SiteSell, Inc. of Canada. The SBI! course is also offered in almost 40 institutions in US, Europe, Canada, Middle East and Australia.

What is Building a Successful Business Using the Internet?

It is a web entrepreneurship course, a business-focused approach to building an income-generating website designed for people who have no prior experience in website building. 

Participants are actually building a business using the internet in the boot camp supervised by an entrepreneur-instructor and online business coach (whose role is to engage, facilitate and guide participants in their web business-building efforts), employing the same proven site building method used by over 40,000 successful web business owners worldwide.  

Building a Successful Business Using the Internet is the foundation of all web business building workshops and web entrepreneurship boot camps and service offerings of Indie Learning System, Inc.

Who Should Attend

Want Camp Enterprise conducted at your end?

Introducing modern Intrapreneurship!

Click this to learn more.

The Camp Enterprise is open to anyone who is at least 14 years old, can read and write simple texts memos, and has the brains, attitude and motivation to build an online business. Click this to learn more and find out why you should go camping with us.

What It Means to Discover the Entrepreneurial You

The net has turned the world upside down indeed. See what it did to our social life? And to business and economy! Ever heard of Facebook for business?

What about you? Are you bombarded left and right by all sorts of marketing ploys and persuasion to get you to build your own online business? Have you ever thought of adding your voice to the conversation? Thinking of discovering if there is an entrepreneurial you?

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