Make Money from Online Business: 2 Inspiring Sites for the Inner Entrepreneurial You

Making money from online business becomes relatively simple once you have built an audience. 

Research done by Content Marketing Institute has found that "any organization (enterprise) that builds an audience from its content can generate revenue (and profits) in 10 different ways:

  1. Advertising/sponsorship
  2. Conference and events
  3. Premium content
  4. Donations
  5. Subscriptions
  6. Products - win revenue
  7. Services - win revenue
  8. Keep revenue
  9. Yield increase – grow revenue
  10. Cross-sales – grow revenue"

Content Marketing Institute offers a wealth of information about the practice of content marketing. The above monetization models are inspiring proofs that a content-run online business yields tangible and gratifying financial results. 

How do you monetize your content?

By letting your passion shine!

Here's one website that really nailed its niche: It's unifying theme is design and decorating.

Every single page of this website oozes with the passion, zeal, and persona of its owner, Nicole Balch, a designer. 

Ms. Balch's gorgeous  site is an eye candy to behold. Her store is so aligned with her online business. Which explains perhaps why she is able to attract an average of 125,000 visitors every month.

The house tour is a sweet invitation to go visit her shop. It treats us to a variety of products from various stores and suppliers where she sourced many of the items that are decorating her new house. I thought shopping her house is clever. It's like leafing through House Beautiful or Real Living.

Selling products and services is easily the most effective way to earn revenues from your content. Either you sell your own original products (products you either make yourself or have developed) or you sell products of others. 

So, Making It Lovely's revenue sources are:

  1. Sale of products of others (dropshipping)
  2. Sponsorship and advertising
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Services

She got the basics right!

Here's another beautiful website, the inspiration of Indie Learning System, Inc.'s CSR (and soon-to-come project): Start ASL.

Majority of online business in the top 1% of of 100 million active sites have one thing in common: rich content.  

They have built an audience by offering rich content which attracts visitors who become pre-sold buyers of whatever their sites offer.

Sites with content generate income in at least 10 different ways. Camp Enterprise highly favors sale of products and services.

"I started Start ASL when I was 20 years old. When I was 23, because of its success, I was able to quit my day job and work on the website full time. The site has grown every year since then because I could fully dedicate myself to the success of our students. Now that I am 28, my husband and I are able to stay home with our one-year-old. I cannot even put into words how much this means to me."

-- Michelle Jay

Read Michelle Jay's story here.

"There are so many possible ways to generate income actively from an online business. Since, as with every solopreneur, your time is limited and therefore very valuable, you should understand where a particular opportunity fits on the "time/risk/difficulty" scale."

-- Ken Evoy

Michelle put in a lot of work in her online business. You can see through her passion there. 

Ken Evoy, the founder of SiteSell, Inc., cautions "Creating and marketing your own proprietary product is the pinnacle.

It's the most difficult/creative, time-consuming, and high-risk of all approaches. Not only must you "get" an idea, you have to develop, market, sell and support it. It has the greatest potential reward, too, which is only fair."

It is obvious that Michelle was able to take these advice to heart because her online business is so successful. Her major source of revenues? COURSES! Which leads to more monetization models. And, in Start ASL, content is indeed king!

Make money from your online business!

Everything that you will possibly need to succeed is studied at length in Camp Enterprise. Using the techniques are also taught extensively. 

Why is there a year-long coaching and mentoring?  Join us to find out. 

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