ILSI to hold seminar-workshops for WV tourism officers

Indie Learning System, Inc. (ILSI) is holding a series of seminar-workshops for Provincial and City Tourism Officers of Western Visayas. 

"Treating Local Tourism Office as a Profit Center Using the Internet" is a 2-3 hour seminar-workshop on the merits of treating the Tourism Office as enabler of tourism-oriented economic activities in Local Goverment Units (LGUs) using the internet.

Participants are expected to learn:

  1. how "content=currency" works for local tourism
  2. what is "brand-of-one," and why it is powerful and how local tourism can create and establish one
  3. what is "brand-story-telling," and why employees are at the heart of what makes brand storytelling come to life and create meaningful experiences for customers - your target audience! 
  4. how local tourism officers can create powerful ideas to make their tourism campaign work meaningfully even with low or zero budget.

The seminar will also touch on the perennial problem of LGUs in funding the cost of building and maintaining their tourism websites and will suggest creative ways to solve this pesky problem.

Indie Learning System, Inc. aims to encourage Local Tourism Officers to own wholeheartedly the responsibility of putting their localities on the tourism map by treating their offices as a profit center using the internet. 

Indie Learning believes that if participants get an appreciation of what the seminar teaches, their local tourism will bring a real sense of pride and identity by showing distinct characteristics and facets of life, history and culture, not to mention the tourist attractions of their communities. The trigger effect will be: more opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish new services and products, or facilities, and therefore develop local economies. 

The City and Province of Iloilo will hold theirs on May 16, 2018 from 10am to 3pm in RmD of Casa Real located at the Provincial Capitol grounds of Iloilo.

Iloilo Provincial Tourism Officer Bombette Marin is hosting the seminar-workshop for the city and province of Iloilo.

"Treating Local Tourism Office as a Profit Center Using the Internet" has been endorsed by the Department of Tourism VI. 

Seminar-workshop dates for other provinces are being  arranged, too.

Click this to request for more information about the seminar-workshop.

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