Indie Learning System, Inc.

Indie Learning System, Inc. is a provider of independent and boutique courses, training, learning, coaching and mentoring services related to building, nurturing and growing an enterprise using the internet.

We want to be the go-to hub for all things online business. We wanna be the company that makes owning an online enterprise sexy, and profitable!

We created Camp Enterprise, the boot camp for entrepreneurs, because we believe it's time for everyone to discover their entrepreneurial self and/or turn their knowledge, passion and interest into a worthwhile preoccupation that makes money, too!

Indie Learning System, Inc. is perhaps the only company in the Philippines that offers a practical course on online business building. It provides an integrated approach to helping non-techies become an online business owners. It has uniquely combined technology and traditional techniques in training anyone to become web entrepreneurs. This is what differentiates ILSI. 

On top of its unique approach to developing online business entrepreneurs, ILSI's after-care support is unmatched. Each "graduate" of Camp Enterprise receives a year-long coaching and mentoring delivered by experienced and successful entrepreneurs. To the best of our knowledge, no other organization offers this level of support to its "campers".

So go camping with us. Go Camp Enterprise!

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