Indie Learning System, Inc. launches first Camp Enterprise for the Deaf

Indie Learning System, Inc., in partnership with DSWD's National Vocational Rehabilitation Center launched its specialized online business training just for people with hearing impairment.

Jazmin Flores, Psychologist of DSWD-National Vocational Rehabilitation Center, adjusts the overhead projector while Chief Trainer/Instructor and Coach Marie de la Rama of Indie Learning System, Inc. takes a selfie at the first session of Camp Enterprise for the Deaf.

On November 5, 2019, three of NVRC's hearing impaired clients became the first participants of the program. The Lourdes Tuason de Arroyo Foundation and Paschal Bergin, CEO of First Philippine Integrated Wastewater Solutions Inc. provided the funds to realize the online business program for the deaf. A sign language interpreter and a staff from Indie Learning System, Inc. who will facilitate and provide support services during training, coaching and mentoring sessions complete the number of students attending the first boot camp.

Flor Cecille Calabazaron, head of NVRC, gave a short speech before the formal start of the training, encouraging the trainees to persevere in the first ever program of this kind designed for the hearing-impaired. The training is led by Marie de la Rama, chief trainer and instructor of ILSI's Camp Enterprise.

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