Iloilo Provincial Tourism Officers Attend Seminar-Workshop

Iloilo Provincial Tourism Officers attended the seminar-workshop prepared by Indie Learning System on how to treat their local tourism office as a profit center.

"Treating Local Tourism Office as a Profit Center" was the brainchild of Indie Learning System, Inc. for local tourism officers in Western Visayas. The Iloilo Province was the first to conduct such last May 16, 2018 in Casa Real, Iloilo Provincial Capitol Grounds.

Indie Learning System, Inc. believes the seminar-workshop was a success judging from the potential and richness of concepts and themes (which can't be disclosed for now) the participants have come up with.

The short course provided a wealth of learning about how Tourism Officers might succeed in turning their Tourism Office into a profit center using the internet.  A website is a potent tool in achieving this. Profit can mean so many things depending on the objectives of municipalities represented in the seminar-workshop. For example, to Guimbal, "profit" is expressed in terms of number of visitors and tourist arrivals the town will receive. To some other LGUs, profit can mean the number of job opportunities that may be created as a result of their tourism promotion efforts. Only folks who know their neighborhoods/towns/municipalities/regions and are passionate about it can come up with concepts and themes such as those they have presented during the seminar-workshop. 

Marie de la Rama, lecturer, assured participants that should they decide to build tourism-oriented websites to promote their towns and municipalities, they can depend on Indie Learning System for help.

Photo shows some of the Local Tourism Officers and accredited tour guides who participated in the first seminar-workshop exclusively created  by Indie Learning System for the Tourism Officers of Iloilo Province. The seminar-workshop was delivered by Indie Learning System's Camp Enterprise Chief Trainer, Marie de la Rama, seated at middle first row.

It's been proven that Travel Destinations are best promoted through stories (content!) and the aforementioned themes  are replete with inspiration for compelling and authentic stories, according to Ms. de la Rama. And, as is already widely accepted, content (information)  - text, images, animation, graphics - is king on the net. Should they (Tourism Officers who participated in the workshop) take the next step in developing these themes into a website, they now know that the best approach to building websites is to build an audience first through content. 

The Seminar-Workshop on Treating Local Tourism Office as a Profit Center Using the Internet was conducted by the Office of Culture, Arts, History and Tourism, Province of Iloilo, headed by Gilbert G. Marine, Indie Learning System, Inc., represented by Marie de la Rama and the Department of Tourism VI under Atty. Helen J. Catalbas, Director.

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