How to Make Money on Your Singapore-themed Online Business

How to make money on your Singapore-themed online business? We have some ideas.

Tourists flock to Singapore's Chinatown for a variety of reasons. Chinatown is one of the City-State's cultural attractions. It is filled with hotels, hostels, restaurants, cafes, curio shops, souvenir shops. It also presents rich Chinese architectural gems that have drawn visitors to this tiny city state reminding them of the Chinese immigrants that have contributed to what Singapore is today. Photo by Marie de la Rama.

You fell in love with Singapore! We, too, fell in love with this city-state the first time and stayed in love with it up to now. Can you convert that attraction into an online business? Can there be an income in it?

A dad's fascination with Walt Disney's World

Here's Carl's story to inspire you to build your Singapore-themed online business.

In 2018, Carl Trent celebrates his 10th anniversary as the “Disney Dad.” Since he was 4 years old, Carl was fascinated by Walt Disney. He even wrote high school papers about Disney. This passion stayed with Carl all his life. When he approached (early) retirement, he knew he wanted to “do something” centered on Disney.

In Make Money from Online Business: 2 Inspiring Sites for the Inner Entrepreneurial You, we wrote that "Majority of online business in the top 1% of 100 million active sites have one thing in common: rich content. They have built an audience by offering rich content which attracts visitors who become pre-sold buyers of whatever their sites offer."

We have provided examples of some of the most successful online business that are content-rich and thus, have made money for their owners. Needless to say, in answer to that nagging question earlier: yes, the potential to convert your attraction to Singapore into a lifestyle online business and building an income from it is there and we believe it is high!

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How to make money on your Singapore-themed online business: two ideas

1.  Photo shoot services

If you are into photography, this service should be in your how-to-make-money-from-your-hobby list.

Do you know who need these services most? Those who are getting married!

Locations play an exciting element in memorable pre-wedding photos. And Singapore offers plenty of sites to create the mood for photo-shoots for the love-birds. Someone should be there to direct and capture these moments. That's you! 

There are two ways you can do to deliver these services:

  • Provide an all-in-one package of trip planning to the photo-shoot proper; and/or,
  • Partner with a local and Singaporean travel agency to do the trip planning and take the photo-shoot part.

Photo shoots is already an interesting lifestyle online business concept. Singapore won't disappoint if you choose it as your niche. It is not enough that you love this tiny state, though. It will solidify your skill if you know every nook and cranny of Singapore to weave a story for your potential clients.  

2. Singapore-themed products 

Do you love to create? Are you a graphics designer? An artist? A fashionista? Etc.?

When we scoured the whole of Singapore for unique gifts for folks back home, we realize the country needs some help. To our minds, the choices are just so limited. Which is a pity because Singapore offers a wealth of inspiration to those who are willing take up this challenge. And, you needn't target tourists to sell to because you can sell to the world.

In fact, you need not reinvent the wheel. You simply need to whip up fun ideas or collaborate with someone to bring life to products such as clothing and fashion accessories that tourists love to bring home or that people around the world would want to own. See what some of the world's greatest marketers like Vans do to keep interest in their products remain steady and strong.

Bringing your product designs and ideas to market through your website (and of course, to make money!) is perhaps one of the most exciting aspect of owning a Singapore-themed online business. 

In Camp Enterprise, the particular aspect of monetizing your audience is strengthened by a year of coaching and mentoring to support your online business building efforts. Special focus on this aspect is also given through continuing learning programs organized by ILSI's for its "graduates".

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Your product's unique selling proposition

When you put up a shop or a store in your website, your Singapore-themed site will be competing with over 100 million websites selling stuff, too, such as like yours. You need to differentiate by asking yourself, what will your unique selling proposition be?

A unique selling proposition is a defining characteristic or factor that sets you apart from your competitors. In your site, easily, Singapore sets your product apart. Expanding it now rests on you. 

Let's say you have a penchant for designing clothes. Your other passion is designing for women. You want to come up with a collection inspired by Singapore's colonial past, in particular, in the time of Sir Stamford Raffles. The year is 1819. You are well aware of how Singapore was founded and have traced the well-worn paths Sir Raffles walked on.

Remember that online, information is king, that story telling is what draws your audience to you. 

Now, let your imagination sail away  in coming up with that collection. Write every interesting thought that comes to mind when you start sketching, creating patterns, feeling the material difference of fabrics,  choosing the colors, designing buttons. Let your site visitors in on your conversation with your seamstress. Suggest how your visitors would look in your clothes. 

And finally, publish this in your website then lead them to your store where the collection is displayed.

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Thus, your unique selling proposition is in the way Singapore influences the design of your clothes - the stamp that says they come from your store - the relationship you have created  with your audience, the creative way you let them feel they are part of the design and production process. And, above all, let them take pride in owning limited edition clothes available only from you!

Having your own Singapore-themed online business is like having an outlet for your ideas and creativity.

Start now. Sign up and join Camp Enterprise!

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