Camp Enterprise for the Family?

Why not?

If you can afford to give your kids an iPhone or the latest model of Samsung smartphone or tablet, you can afford to enjoy a unique family bonding experience in Camp Enterprise

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A Family Boot Camp?

The world is increasingly getting digital. In all areas of our day-to-day existence, the internet is a huge intruder and a game-changer:

  1. we spend 2 hours on average in Facebook
  2. we get our news online
  3. we watch movies and television on the net
  4. we exchange notes and mails through emails and Messenger
  5. we are now forming the habit of reading books and magazines from online sources
  6. we now embrace online shopping
  7. sports and gossips are now being streamed live
  8. we listen to AM and FM radio programs from anywhere in the world from the net
  9. family celebrations are planned on Facebook
  10. relationships are nurtured with apps
  11. the next celeb is discovered in YouTube
  12. everybody's on Facebook live!

Don't let your family be left behind

If you are head of the family, should you be concerned?

Be concerned but on the positive side. And, turn it into an enterprising advantage. (See? People writing their memoirs is going mainstream... control your family narrative!)

Presenting Indie Learning System, Inc.'s Family Camp Enterprise!

Family Camp Enterprise promises to be an exciting, immersive, enterprising and life-changing activity --  starting a business using the internet -- for business-minded parents who would like to spend quality and productive time with their kids who are at least 14 years old.

What's so exciting with Family Camp Enterprise

Unique experience for the young - must at least be 14 years old - to team up with a family member (mom/dad and son/daughter, brother and sister, uncle/aunt and niece or nephew, cousins, etc.) or a friend to develop a website.  Hang on! It's just not any website.

The focus of the Family Camp Enterprise - building a family online business - is what makes this program unique. Camp Enterprise exposes participants to proven principles in starting and operating an online business. Using smart tools, but not requiring technical knowledge, it takes participants step-by-step through all of the stages of developing an online business. The fun, albeit challenging, part of Camp Enterprise is the collaborative efforts taken by family teams in developing an online business together which is further enhanced by the dynamics of a supportive group of like-minded participants.

What do they get

By the end of the boot camp, each family team will have an operating web business or online business. 

They will be able to nurture and grow this business by applying the lessons learned at the Camp. They will also receive a year's worth of coaching and mentoring, another unique feature of Family Camp Enterprise.

Who could benefit from Family Camp Enterprise?

Family Camp Enterprise will appeal to:

1. Parents who wish to introduce their children to business or who would like their children to acquire entrepreneurial skills in an environment the millennials today are quite familiar with or are accustomed to: the internet!

The internet has changed the way we do business. Everything a would-be online entrepreneur needs to start a successful online business is provided by the program.

2. Parents who are just starting to delve into online business. Family Camp Enterprise' process is surprisingly exciting to learn.


3. If you are a parent on the look out for a bonding activity that is fun and productive for you and your young sons and daughters (family teams may also be brothers, sisters, guardians, cousins, grandparents or friends), then we propose this program.  

It may be daringly innovative and challenging (for kids who are 14 years old) activity but the learning is immeasurable.  It's knowledge for life! Which is what makes this bonding  activity a uniquely immersive and life-changing experience for them, and for you, too.

4. If you are a parent who owns a micro, small business and wants to increase foot traffic to your offline enterprise, or, take things to a whole new level with a more sophisticated online process and you want to involve your children who you foresee will eventually take over, then this program is a perfect environment to draw their interest.  It's an excellent step to encourage your sons or daughters to contribute their ideas to achieve business objectives. His or her level of confidence will also increase as a result.

The possibilities are endless! 

What if your children can contribute to developing and finding the solutions to expand market opportunities for your existing business? What if you already have an online business but wish you could dramatically improve your site traffic and results?

Take them to an environment that will help achieve these most-wanted-results. 

Are you a new or experienced consultant or a freelancer who wants to expand your web presence and substantially grow your customer base? Would you rather outsource this service to your kid? If your kid loves the idea, then the Family Camp Enterprise is a fitting method to introduce him or her to your work.  

If the above reasons aren't convincing enough but you and your kid still love the idea of starting an online business -- like converting hobbies, interest, passion, skills into an income generating website -- and the collaborative approach of bonding-while-learning appeals to you, perhaps this conclusion of a study will help you make up your mind:

"A majority of small business ideas that utilize the Internet fail because they didn’t do enough research, didn’t have the right kind of content, didn’t have a plan that drives business to their site, and didn’t know how to analyze their traffic."

Penn State, a top 10 Ivy League school that offers the course used in Family Camp Enterprise adds, "The list could go on and on."

It is true that these days anyone can put up a web site, but if you really want to know how to build a successful web site and build an online business, the resources in Family Camp Enterprise will help simplify the process. And, yes (we once more emphasize), it is going to be a life-changing experience for you and your family.

Moving forward, you have two choices:

Sign up for the Family Camp Enterprise, or,

Send your kids to Summer Camp Enterprise.

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