Camp Enterprise Where?

Camp Enterprise Where? Iloilo City is where most of Indie Learning System's business boot camps are conducted. The Camp Enterprise, however, can be held anywhere there is an internet connection.

The archipelagic Republic of the Philippines is divided into three island groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The country is further organized into 16 administrative regions and 1 autonomous region. 

Image courtesy of The Heart of the Philippines Facebook page.

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Iloilo is an outstanding city. It is a high-achieving, progressive urban center; it is also a haven for ecology and cultural identity. Hardworking Ilonggos prioritize health, spirituality and strong social relationships.
--  PwC

Iloilo City is the capital of the province of Iloilo.  It is a highly urbanized city located in Western Visayas Region 6 and is one of the four provinces of Panay. Its population as of 2015 is 447,992. It has 180 barangays.

Iloilo City is considered as the educational center (colleges universities, and medical schools) of Visayas. Its location enables the city to be the gateway of the Western Visayas Region. Hence, it is also one of the major economic centers in the Philippines.

The century old University San Agustin, established in 1904,  is the first and only Augustinian university in the Asia-Pacific region. Photo by Marie de la Rama.


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The Port of Iloilo 

Here's a quick glance at the City (courtesy of Iloilo City Tourism Office and Local Economic & Investment Promotion Office) from Strengthening Urban Resilience for Growth with Equity (SURGE) Project from sources:

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Distribution of Value of Agricultural Production, 2013 (Western Visayas):

  • Crops - 55%;
  • Fisheries - 20%;
  • Livestock - 14%;
  • Poultry - 11%

Source: Local Economic & Investment Promotion Office of the Iloilo City Government.

Infographics created by RJ Previndido

Utilities and Infrastructure

  • Iloilo Convention Center

The Iloilo Convention Center is found in Iloilo Business Park, a property development of Megaworld. It comprises Iloilo City's newest Central Business District sprawled in La Paz, Jaro and Mandurriao districts. Photo by Marie de la Rama.

  • 314 Megawatts Power Plant
  • Iloilo Esplanade

Breathtaking view of the Iloilo Esplanade by the Iloilo River. Designed by Paulo Alcazaren, it stretches 1.2 kilometers from Diversion Road to Carpenter Bridge. Construction of Phase 2 of the Esplanade is underway to reach the historic Muelle Loney.  Photo by Ken Lerona.

  • 5 Major TelCos
  • Road Networks with ITS

La Muy Noble y Leal Ciudad de Iloilo

Iloilo City is one of the oldest Spanish colonial cities in the Philippines.  It was the last capital of the Spanish Empire in Asia before the Philippines was ceded by Spain to the United States in 1898.

The honorific title, "The Most Loyal and Noble City” or “La Muy Leal Y Noble Ciudad de Iloilo” was given by the Queen Regent Maria Cristina of Spain through a Royal Decree in 1896 in recognition of Iloilo people’s loyalty to the Spanish crown.

Vestiges of the Iloilo City's Spanish colonial past are everywhere. One of the many culturally historic sites in Iloilo that gives it its distinct character is Calle Real, renamed J.M. Basa Street in honor of a man who financed the publication of Jose Rizal's novel, Noli Mi Tangere. It is the seat of Iloilo City's old central business district

The iconic International Hotel is one of the oldest landmarks in Calle Real. Photo by Marie de la Rama.

Every year, the Calle Real is also the focal point of Dinagyang Festival, a colorful religious celebration in honor of the Sto. Nino or the Holy Infant Jesus.

The Ilonganon Tribe of Jalandoni Memorial National High School. Photo by Marie de la Rama.

The festival is characterized by street dancing participated by groups of warriors depicting the Aeta (the early inhabitants of Panay Island,) tribes commemorating the conversion of the native Aetas to Christianity almost 500 years ago. The iconic deafening drumbeats, the painted bodies of tribal warriors yelling Hala Bira! are the hallmarks Dinagyang, considered as the Festival of all festivals in the Philippines.

Modern Iloilo 

The Iloilo City of today has progressed by leaps and bounds. While preserving it's rich cultural heritage, it has attracted business investments that changed its landscape. A new central business district was born in Mandurriao, once a sleepy district of salt beds and fishponds. It now hosts the Iloilo Business Park developed by Megaworld Properties.

The City has also maintained its cosmopolitan character. To really understand this aspect of Iloilo, one needs to look into the story of the Port of Iloilo. Here's a copy verbatim of an article written by historian Demy Sonza published in the defunct

Why Iloilo City?

So, Camp Enterprise where? Why Iloilo City? 

We wanted to conduct boot camps in a relaxed environment without being away from the conveniences offered by city living and Iloilo City is it.  

Ideally located and accessible from anywhere in the country, day-to-day living in Iloilo City is not hurried. It has the essential conveniences needed to live comfortably and affordably and to hold independent professional learning programs such as the online business courses we offer. It holds a lot of promise to grow which is important for those thinking of setting up a business. It has problems, it has pains, it is imperfect, it has a story to tell. Iloilo City is cosmopolitan but laid back. We find these attractions as natural fit to launch Camp Enterprise.

Visit Iloilo

Check out for yourself if you agree with our choice. It's time you visit Iloilo! Explore the old and the new, experience its sights and sounds and have a taste of its iconic food that is now indelibly part of Philippine pop culture. See if you find inspiration in building an online business in this destination. If you are new to the city and haven't been here we like to believe that the entire province, not only the city itself, and its people will surprise you.

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