Build Your Own Lifestyle Online Business in Camp Enterprise

Build Your Own Lifestyle Online Business in Camp Enterprise.

The describes lifestyle as:

1. the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.

1. pertaining to or catering to a certain lifestyle;

Profitable Venture, defines lifestyle business as "a type of business that creates a balance between work and living. Most people who are into lifestyle businesses are not solely interested in the profits that they would earn, but in the freedom that the business offers, or the opportunity it gives them to maintain a specific lifestyle.

For instance, a person who loves to travel may want to pick up a career as a travel blogger so that they can earn money while they do what they love. A lifestyle business doesn’t really feel like a career or a business, it’s more like earning money from your passion."

"People who are doing something that interests them are happiest regardless of the compensation.  They regard the work itself as payment.  If you are able to identify the type of work you love to do, you just have discovered your dream job."

We invite you to join Camp Enterprise and  build the coolest lifestyle business of your own. In no other time will there be an exciting opportunity to convert your knowledge, passion and interest into an income-generating website together with an exclusive group of similarly-minded individuals.

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What is so special about Camp Enterprise?

Sure, you can build a do-it-yourself website (a website is the by-product of the web entrepreneurship program in Camp Enterprise), but you will miss the benefits of learning under the guidance of an online business coach, who also happens to be an online entrepreneur. 

Other benefits:

  1. Going to Camp Enterprise shortens the learning curve, too. 
  2. Moreover, through Camp Enterprise, you will have a supportive community who, during a brainstorm, will help convert your ideas into a profitable niche, for example. The dynamics is simply unimaginable. This is besides the  "help-and-be-helped" community of over 40,000 online entrepreneurs who built their businesses using the same method (of learning-by-doing) used in the boot camp.
  3. The power of the community will further be demonstrated after the conclusion of Camp Enterprise. Imagine being coached and mentored not only by one but by a group of successful lifestyle business owners as you nurture and grow your business. They'd be a family! 

Build a lifestyle online business right the first time

Putting up an lifestyle online business could be rewarding but the intricacies can discourage anyone who may not have the technical experience in building a website.

Fear not, however, because Camp Enterprise is designed for the non-techies among us. You save a ton of money, too, because all the tools and assistance you need to succeed are provided. What's more, you enjoy a year-long coaching and mentoring to help you get your investment back and the profit.

Remember what a lifestyle business is? 

"A lifestyle business doesn’t really feel like a career or a business, it’s more like earning money from your passion."

"Growing a business takes much more than putting up a site. That’s why the actual site builder doesn’t matter much. What matters is all the rest: the training and education, the proven process, the community and support." Margit Streifeneder 

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