Build an Online Business that Works Through Camp Enterprise

Online business allows you to start from scratch

You can even start without a product or service to sell. And, you can nurture and grow your business in the comfort of your home.

Build an online business that works through Camp Enterprise

Camp Enterprise provides an intensive program that uses a proven and tested process developed by SiteSell, Inc. of Canada. It's a full course on web entrepreneurship. In just 7 - 10 days you'll be learning hands-on the basics of building a successful online business. All "graduates" of Camp Enterprise enjoy unequaled after-care support for a year by Indie Learning System.

Note: The pace of learning in intensive Camp Enterprise (7 days) is tighter and faster than in Camp Enterprise that's conducted once a week. The total number of days for the latter edition is 10. This is the preferred pace of learning recommended by Indie Learning System, Inc.

Fun, immersive, learning-and-doing program

The boot camp is divided into 10 days; each day lasting 3-4 hours. It is a fun, immersive, and intensive learning program where you are going to actually build a business using the internet in a “camp” led  by an instructor, herself an entrepreneur. Her role, besides, is to engage, facilitate and guide you in your web business building efforts.  

Content first!

Most successful online businesses are content-run.

Build an audience with content first, then generate revenue (and profits) from content.

The learning-and-doing program is further enhanced by the dynamics of building an internet business in the company of like-minded individuals. As you will soon discover, the bond that you will form is priceless. 

Activities are lined up to heighten the fun, to feed your imagination, to obtain insights as a natural consequence of the unique system to strengthen the learning process. 

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At the boot camp 

You will have an internet business that you can nurture and grow using the tools and techniques that you have learned. You will be provided with one year unlimited access to a suite of  web business building tools, video of the lessons, a written guide and a certificate of completion. 

After the boot camp, you will continue to enjoy coaching and mentoring for a year. This tops the benefit of live learning-by-doing training offered in Camp Enterprise. 

What you will learn in this boot camp

Day 1-5:

  • You will learn how to look at the big picture, understand what works online, you will come to know what is PREselling vs selling, you will learn how to build your online business on a strong foundation.
  • You will develop your site concepts and using a powerful brainstorming tool, you will evaluate the overall supply and demand for the site concepts you have come up with. Offline, this is the equivalent of conducting a feasibility study for a business.
  • At this time, you would have already found potential niches for your web business aided by data culled from results brought by the brainstorming tool. You will tour locations and speak to resource persons outside of the boot camp to help you refine your site concept, figure your ideal visitors, feel your customer's pain, and you will begin to plan your monetization options. This is the part where you will experience the powerful dynamics of learning in a group guided by a professional online business coach. 

Day 6 - 10:

  • You will make key decisions, learn how to make pre-sold content, name your domain, register it, choose a design for your website, create a site structure, build your home, tier 2 and tier 3 pages and learn how to move forward. 
  • You will also be introduced to the rest of supplemental tools you will need to continue building your site, learn how to have diversified traffic to it. You will create a site that is accessible across all devices - mobile phone, tablet, laptops. You will also learn how to deepen your relationship with visitors and build your own personal network through site blog, e-zine and more content.  
  • You will also begin to test your monetization plan and learn how to regularly evaluate the performance of your site by analyzing traffic statistics, and changes in search engine algorithm.
  • The last day is culmination day. 

After-care services and support

The keyword is "mentored"

33% of founders mentored by successful entrepreneurs went on to become top performers.

- Endeavor

Indie Learning System's after-care program includes one year coaching and mentoring through email, forum, conference and special classes and meet ups on how to develop your own product or service, for example, or how to add an online store to your web site. A one-on-one meeting with your coach can also be arranged. Technical support is provided by SiteSell, Inc. You will also have access to an active international community and discussion forum for SBI! site owners - a chance to meet your fellow web business owners.

Why web business, why build an online business?

According to, the number of internet users has reached 3.8 billion as of June 2017. That's half of the world's population going online. 

World Internet Users as of June 2017

Much of the growth in web connectivity has come from mobile. Since 2007, mobile broadband penetration has gone up 12-fold. It is estimated that today, there are more smartphones than the number of world population.

The net has transformed the world. It has accelerated human progress. It has bridged the digital divide, built societies that drive innovation and entrepreneurship. (Internet Society

The world has changed the way it does business. It is a digital economy. It is growing. Our lives have become unimaginable without the web. Doesn't it makes sense to get your business digital, too?

If you aren't on any social media network, it would be understandable if you're not aware of what the net did to connect individuals. Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users as of June 2017. Every second, users connect, talk about relationships, social issues, new products, new business, new ways of doing things, offer solutions. Wouldn't you want to open your business to them?

The mobile-enabled economy

Your customers are tethered to their mobile phones almost 24/7, searching for information, comparing products and services. You can bet that before they arrive at a buying decision, they would have already visited a number of websites for comparison, to fish for information and solution. Imagine the opportunities open to you if your business is online.

All these mean that whatever your product or service is, there’s potentially a ready buyer out there waiting. But first, you need to be found.  And the best way to achieve this is by building an online business - that is, building a business-focused website - a website that works!

Need more reasons to put up a web business?

Note that we use web business and online business interchangeably. For us, it means the same. So, here are more compelling reasons why web business makes sense:

  1. Web business/online business gives you a genuine chance to make money.
  2. It allows you to do business anywhere.  The only requirement is internet connection and a computer (a smartphone or a tablet).
  3. In terms of market, there is no longer any geographical limit to sell your product or service. You can be in the middle of a farm in Iloilo dealing with a customer in South Africa.
  4. It allows you to start from scratch and you can even start without a product or service to sell.
  5. Low-risk (slow and steady approach, not get-rich-quick scheme).
  6. Web business/online business allows you to make money from something that you love, regardless of where you may be.
  7. It allows you to compete equally in the same market place as large companies for less. 
  8. Unlimited potential even for unheard-of  product or service — long tail marketing.

Who should go to Camp Enterprise?

Generally, those who want to:

  1. Learn how to build a business using the internet
  2. Profit from what they know or do, their passions, interests, hobbies, experiences
  3. Expand opportunities for their existing business
  4. Transition to entrepreneurship
  5. Shift to another career
  6. Retire early from their 9 to 5 jobs
  7. Build a second income
  8. Make use of idle resources such as ancestral house, island, etc. 
  9. Create their own dream job; and, those who want to do something that they really love then make money from it

You can be a professional, hobbyist, currently employed/unemployed, entrepreneur or with an existing business, retiree, student, marketer,  PR and HR practitioner, stay-at-home-mom-and-dad, web master, artist, real estate broker, micro-entrepreneur, skilled artisan, designer, etc.,  it doesn't matter. You are welcome. Click this for more.

Sign up fee

Php 36,000.00/participant

Sign up now!

Terms and Condition:

Please, think carefully before signing up as we do not refund fees 100%.

If and when you have already signed up but changed your mind and want to cancel, we would be glad to make a refund after the scheduled boot camp less 5% cancellation fee. You may also opt to attend another date or transfer your right to another person by simply informing us at least 3 days prior to the scheduled boot camp stating the name of the person to whom you transferred the privilege to participate in Camp Enterprise.

By signing up, you agree to Indie Learning System's terms and conditions and Privacy Policy.

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