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Camp Enterprise in the time of Pandemic

Amidst the Covid-19 crisis, Indie Learning System, Inc. adjusts the delivery of our online business courses from face-to-face to DIY.

It's no secret that our Camp Enterprise is built on SBI! - considered the best DIY building a website business process.

For a limited period, you can BENEFIT from the hand-holding method of our coaching and mentoring services which used to be available only to our Camp Enterprise graduates. Here's how you can avail of these services:

  1. Order your SBI! package through this link. You can only avail of free coaching and mentoring services if your SBI! package is purchased through us. If unsure, please contact us;
  2. Follow the Action Guide and complete building your HOME, ABOUT, CONTACT and PRIVACY POLICY pages;
  3. Watch for announcement of virtual coaching and mentoring sessions here. Or, contact us.

Mine your knowledge, passion and interest for business ideas! 

Go to Camp Enterprise, the boot camp for entrepreneurs.

Indie Learning System's life-changing program will help you separate ideas with great potentials for income. Using a proven process and tools, we will guide you in transforming them into an online business. 

Love to travel? Have a particular knowledge, passion or interest? Have you ever thought of going into online business? Do you want to start an online business? Want to build your own lifestyle online enterprise?

Online Business Courses that are Out-of-the-Box

If you say yes to all of the above, we invite you to join thousands who built their own lifestyle online business right the first time. Our innovative online business courses make it possible because they are designed for the rest of us who may be non-techie but imaginative, enterprising, unafraid, driven, motivated, are thinkers, creative, doers ...

Camp Enterprise

Indie Learning System, Inc. has created a fun and immersive program that lets you turn your knowledge, passion or interest into an online business: CAMP ENTERPRISE.

Camp Enterprise is unlike any learning program for entrepreneurs. It combines the tested and proven process of SBI! and traditional techniques in building an online business that works.

Discover the entrepreneurial you in Camp Enterprise'  step-by-step and learn-by-doing process, software tools and comprehensive guidance in a class led by a professional online business coach and mentor who is also an entrepreneur. Click this to learn more.


Don't let your disability get in the way of building a successful business using the internet.

So long as you have the "brains" (meaning, you can think and process what's in your mind), attitude and motivation or BAM, you can succeed. 

Learn the ropes of building an online business for PWDs by joining Camp Enterprise now. Create the job of your dreams and live life according to your terms.

Online Business Resources, Tips, Advice

What is an online business?

An online business is any kind of business activity that happens over the internet. It can be a website, a shop, or a blog.

If you haven't decided yet on whether going into business is something you would like to do, find tips, guidance, advice and resources in this site to help you make up your mind. We'll publish content for inspiration, including reports, articles, research, business ideas, and trends.

Online Business Services

Perhaps you already have an existing business? Well then, you may want to learn how to put it online or use content marketing to expand or create more opportunities, increase sales or deliver topnotch customer service. Or, perhaps you may want to benefit from a range of online business services we are offering. 

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